Welcome to My Life……..

You are Ephesians

Chances are you’ve made a couple of whopper mistakes in your life…cause it’s usually people like you who really understand their position in Christ. You know it’s not by might, not by power, and cetainly not through works, but only through the blood of Christ. That’s all there is that’s standing between you and the Father…and that’s all you need. People find you to be generally more grace-filled than most. You are attractive to the faith, and are usually a bit on the non-traditional side.

I guess this sums me up to a tee for the moment


17 thoughts on “Welcome to My Life……..

  1. Michielle, the flickr photos stopped working on my blog so it may be something at Flickr.

    However, if you open an account at Flickr, insert the Flickr widget to your sidebar and click on the text icon on the widget you will see this:
    Your RSS feed can be found on your Flickr homepage. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Feed link and copy that into the box above.

    If you’ve done this, I’ll assume that something has changed here at WordPress or something is awry at Flickr.

  2. HI Michielle!! I am just trying to catch up with everyone after being sick and offline for awhile. I like your blog and I love the pics!! I did not know you could set up a chat thing… learn something new every day!! I hope college is going well for you!!

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