Goals for 2013~ a work in progress

So I have been trying to get some order to my thoughts about what I want to accomplish this year~ The house goals are coming along nicely, the yard goals are also in a good place as is the garden goals. Now if I could just figure out my homeschooling goals and personal goals I would be set……. but lets just start with what I have figured out (it seems less overwhelming this way).

Yard Goals~

  1. Remove the tree in backyard
  2. Finish the patio
  3. plant garden
  4. wash off the front of the house
  5. clean out the garage
  6. see about installing outside plug for lights
  7. buy a rototiller?
  8. Add new screen door to side door

Garden Goals~ just a listing of plants I would like to grow this year~

  1. Yams and Potatoes in grow bags
  2. Strawberries in grow bags
  3. Peas
  4. Green Beans
  5. Yellow Squash
  6. Cucumbers
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Peppers
  9. Broccoli
  10. Carrots
  11. Green Onions
  12. Garlic
  13. Lettuce
  14. Spagetti Squash
  15. Mint
  16. Chives
  17. Cilantro
  18. Basil
  19. Parsley

House Goals~ These are much more complex and long~

Boys Room~

  1. Paint walls a neutral color
  2. Buy new colorful comforters
  3. Hang Curtains
  4. Hang Shelves
  5. Add Accents

Our Room~

  1. Buy New Sheets and Comforter
  2. New Curtains
  3. Hang Mirror
  4. Candle Scones

Living Room~

  1. Hang 2 shades in little windows
  2. Buy 1 more green/blue curtain
  3. Sofa Covers in navy or green
  4. Maybe a small desk for me????
  5. Carpet up through the hallway???


  1. Scrub walls and trim
  2. Paint trim glossy white
  3. paint doors black
  4. hang hand rail~black
  5. fix door to bathroom plumbing
  6. brushed nickel doorknobs
  7. Hang something in small window????

The Princess Room~

  1. Rewire the electrical
  2. Buy Loft bed
  3. replace windows
  4. put in carpet
  5. hang butterfly lights
  6. hang butterfly mirrors
  7. hang pictures


  1. New Shower Rod
  2. New Shower Curtains
  3. New Vanity and faucet
  4. New Mirror
  5. Install Exhaust Fan in Ceiling
  6. Hang Towel Racks
  7. Remove stupid wall paper flowers and fake tile walls
  8. add heat vent
  9. buy a new rug
  10. New Toilet?
  11. possible shelf over toilet?


  1. Move heat duct
  2. remove floor/ check replace sub floor
  3. redo  undersink plumbing
  4. finish ceiling
  5. install light
  6. add plug at counter
  7. paint walls
  8. add cabinets to other side of kitchen
  9. install tile floor
  10. replace wall cabinets over sink
  11. add wall cabinets to other side of kitchen
  12. add a clock over sink
  13. maybe replace counter
  14. new dishwasher eventually
  15. tear out pantry and replace?
  16. Paint hallway going to basement!!!!

I have no idea if we will do all of this or just part of it or only a few things. My whole life here is uncertain, as we really do not know the Lord’s plans for graduate school and whether or not we will move. I feel a stirring to apply to Abilene Christian University for my master’s and am not sure yet if it is the Lord’s prodding or not.

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