College Plans

Here is where I”m going to post the classes I’ve taken as well as the ones I need to take. When I graduate and when I get transfer for my 4 yr. degree then on to grad school for my master’s. đŸ˜‰
I’m making some changes to my college plans, I’ve decided to check out University of Akron. They have a combined masters/PHD in psychology counseling. It is a 5 year program as far as I can tell but an excellent one and only 1 year more than the master’s program I was considering. I’m going to wait until next spring to go talk to them, they have open houses for adult transfer students. By then I should have raised my GPA higher and that will look good. Plus I think I won’t need quite so many classes, not sure about that yet but will post when i do.

English 1010 C, English 1020 C, English 1030 B and Speech 1010 C /= total 12 credits

Math 0950 ~ A Math 0960~ A,  Chem 1010 ~C Anth 1020~A, /= 15 credits

Psy, 1010 C, Psy, 1020 B, Psy 2020 A, Psy 2040 ~ A , Psychology of Personality 2050~A, Advanced Independent Research 1 credit~ A/= 17 credits

Sociology 1010 A, Soc. 2010 A, Sociology~Contemporary Black/White Relations2550~A /= total 9 credits

Phil 2020 A , Art Appreciation 1010 A, Hist. 1010 A, / = total 9 credits

ASL Beginning Sign Lang. 1 ~A & 2, Intermediate Sign Lang. 1&2 / =16 credits

Drawing 1 A,

Current  Cumulative GPA~ 3.22, Semester GPA~4.0

I have only 1 math class to take~ Everyday Statistics~4

and 1 cultural diversity class~ Women’s Studies and my gen ed. requirements are filled!!!! I’m taking both of those this spring. I still have to finish out my foreign lang. but will probably take one of them next summer. That leaves only my finishing out the 3 classes I couldn’t take at the community college and then the remaining psy credits and the remaining soc. credits for a major in psy and a minor in soc. I’m taking a special topic in soc. in the spring, I think it is domestic violence and women or something similar. I finally feel as if I’m almost there.

Ok, it is the end of my first semester at University of Akron and it was ok, still not quite used to it but, think I will be fine there after a bit more time.

I got a B in Everyday Statistics, boy was that class hard, but it is over!!!

I got an A in Intro to Women’s Studies, I’m trying to decide if I will double minor….in Women’s Studies and Sociology. if Women’s Studies will accept two of the course i took in place of courses that are similar than I will.

I got an A in Violence Against Women. My GPA for my first semester is 3.556 that B in stats killed me.

I went to see the counselor to make sure I take all the classes that will help me get into grad school, here is the listing:


Psychological Tests

Clinical and Counseling Psychology 1

Clinical and Counseling Psychology 2

Psychology of Women

Psychology of Hate….

Research Lab

ASL Beg. 2

Deaf Culture

ASL Inter. 1 & 2

This is my fall schedule:


Career Choices in Psy

Quantitative Methods in Psychology

Social Psychology

That is only 17 more classes to my degree!!! Somehow that seems almost manageable.

I’m kind of frustrated since I have to repeat both Social Psychology and Dynamics of Personality…..There were also 4 classes that Tri-C didn’t offer that I’ve had to take at UA….but by next spring those will be done. I still have to finish out my sign lang. but they didn’t offer the classes I needed this fall. I have only 9 credits for my minor and after fall it will be only 6, and after Fall only 10 classes for my major


3 thoughts on “College Plans

  1. Hi TG,
    you know i love your name here đŸ˜‰

    I’m taking physical anthropology for 3 science credits, then I will only need 1 more.
    the second half of beg. Algebra and I’m doing an independent advanced research project in psychology. I will learn how to write in APA format, hopefully I can present my research to an undergrad program and that will help me get into grad school.

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