Goals for 2016



I desire to make some changes in my life this year and therefore need to blog about them *of course. The best way to reflect upon the changes is to organize them into categories: spiritual, physical,  mental/emotional, family, household, education/employment. I think I’ve covered them all for the moment.

Spiritual~ I am feeling a bit dry currently, so I am going to start bible journaling so I can combine my love of art with diving into God’s word.

Physical~ as soon as I find a way to sleep better or get some motivation to get up before the kids, I want to go to the gym. I love using the red light booth, it really helps boost my lymphatic system. I have got to stop drinking coca-cola! I stop periodically but then the minute my stress level climbs, I drink it again. Funny, I’m not so much a stress eater, as a stress drinker. I also need to eat healthier and for me that means fruits/vegetables for two meals, and one normal meal for eating with my family. I love intermittent fasting, as I feel better doing so most days, it is only difficult when I don’t eat enough protein at dinner, as then I do not sleep well. I might try the “golden milk” recipe and see if that helps. I really want to lose the last 15# I have. I lost 14# in 2015 and many inches (no, i do not know how many, I did not realize that I would) 

Mental/Emotional~ lately, I find myself so stressed that I am not dealing well with my anger, which I then, stifle deep inside me and that is getting me absolutely no where. So finding a healthier outlet when I’m angry is on my list of necessary things to work on this year. Otherwise, I am doing well considering all the stress I am under.

Family~ Need to get the kids on track with their schooling, help the Ark study for the ACT, get us all more connected. The Ark is disconnecting somewhat as he starts to take on adult decisions which is what he should be doing but it would be nice to have a bit more cohesiveness with the other children. I am also finding that i have disconnected somewhat during this last year, The Princess claims that at times I am a robot and show very little emotion. Probably a self-preservation thing I have going on.

Household~ there is so much that needs to be done around this house but I am going to just work on getting organized and then pick 1 project, complete it and then go to the next one.

Education/Employment~ This one is more difficult as I have no idea of what will happen with my doctoral application. If I get in, I may look for a job for a few months this summer so we have extra cash to pay off bills, have a bit of fun, etc. If I don’t get into that program I will work for a year or so, getting rid of some of my supervision hours and then will be applying to Univ. of Toledo’s Counseling Education/Supervision doctoral program. Which means moving to Toledo in 2017 for 2.5-3 years. I wish I could move this year and start but I am doubtful that I will have the money to do so until next year. Surprisingly, I am not stressed anymore about which program I will get into, I am holding onto the Lord and his plan for my future,  Jeremiah 29:11. I have made too many decisions without waiting upon the Lord and will not do that anymore. 

I understand that these goals are not detailed like I usually do but am happy with how they are, as I want to leave room for change in my goals without feeling as if I failed if things change.



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