Archive | October 2, 2015

~Day 2,

I am currently a counseling intern and work late on Thursdays, I got home last night after being gone for over 12 hours, hoping to grab a bite to eat and then go to sleep but my teenage sons had a different plan. By 9:30pm they were in my room talking about their day working the church rummage sale, they are active in our church youth group and want to go to Chicago next summer. One of the requirements is that they work as many of the fundraisers that they can. My sons love working the rummage sale twice a year. As homeschooler’s they love the chance to do a few days of real life learning instead of book learning. They get tips, eat a fantastic lunch prepared by a lady in our church and hang out practicing their social skills on the buyers and the others who are working. I was not anticipating a hour and half conversation with them last night! It was a great time of bonding as we talked about a myriad of things that they had seen and did. Then the conversation drifted to many other areas of their lives and before I knew it, I was hoarse and in desperate need of sleep. The boys went to their room, but then the Princess who is 12 was not quite ready to go to bed, she ended up finishing watching Mulan 2, while I dosed off. As much as I loved the bonding time, I was ready to call it a night by then. It was after 11pm and 6:30am comes way too early for this not lover of mornings person.

It is always difficult to balance my family life with homeschooling and pursuing my Master’s in Counseling but I truly am embracing the challenge that is my life. I love the person I am becoming, I love the knowledge I have to offer my children and I enjoy the independence I have to be able to pursue my dreams. Yes, I miss things here and there with my children and yes I am overtired and stressed many days but I would not change it. The Lord has taught me much during the last few years and I pray he continues to as I work to finish this degree and then hopefully pursue my Doctorate.

31 Days of Writing

So I am not happy about my lack of writing and decided this was a good way to attempt to rekindle the writer that is inside of me. So here we go……

Today’s post will just be a quick intro for those who may be new to my blog. I am a Christian, wife, mother of 11, grandmother of 9, graduate student, homeschool mom, and Lutheran.

I do not think I am all that special, so do not bow down to me, I am just like everyone else: a sinner in desiring of God’s forgiveness, and a woman who is doing her very best under the circumstances of life. 

You will get to know me very quickly, as I am quite outspoken about what I believe in, although I hope that I am gentle in my presentation of it and non-judgmental of others and their choices which may or may not differ from my own.