Archive | July 31, 2015

FMF~ Try

Try~ this word has been my mantra for the last few weeks, I do not know when it became that, or how it happened. What I do know is that try has become an integral part of who I am becoming. A dear friend pointed out that I used to only try things that I thought I would succeed at and I had never noticed that about myself. I needed to succeed and always thought of not succeeding as failing. 

Now my life is about trying and if I am told no, I do not feel like a failure but am happy that I at least took that risk, reached for something that may not be in my reach. No, is not as permanent of a word to me as it once was. I wonder when I grew and changed?

There are still days that the word try makes me frustrated, I feel as if I am constantly ‘trying’ to be someone that i am not or that I need to ‘try’ to be a better Christian, Wife, or Mom. Why are we never satisfied with the job that we have done? Why must ‘try’ always be a judgement call or worse yet an excuse for our less than Christ-like behavior. You know what I mean the “I’m trying to be a good (insert any word) why are you not happy with me?”

Well, my five minutes is up and I am not as usual. But at least I am writing again!

Ending thoughts~ Try is a powerful word and depending on the usage can be negative or positive. Right now, I’m ‘trying’ to keep it positive and not dwell on the negatives of it in my life.