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Homeschool Evals and Miscellaneous Things

I have been so busy the last two months that blogging is hard to keep up with. The last two weeks has seen us getting ready to see the teacher who evaluates the children. We love her! She is very supportive of my children’s learning issues and always has great suggestions for us to continue succeeding at homeschooling. 

The littles saw her last week and did very well, the Peanut wants to be a Math professor currently and I’m not overly thrilled about that career for him, although if he would teach Latin and/or History I would be right on board 🙂 She said you know you don’t have to teach him precalculus! He can learn that in college! So I now will work very hard to be supportive of his possible career! One thing that my younger kids do is pick a career and stick with that idea for a long time or they end up circling back to it. 

The only change she suggested is to switch totally to Life of Fred for math for Ace and the two younger ones. Although I’m sure the Peanut can do MUS easily the other two struggle with it and learn much better by stories. Ace did Life of Fred Fractions in addition to MUS and that was a bit much for him, that is what I have been doing with the Princess this year as well and it is again too much. So at least for those two Life of Fred is just better. They learn more and seem to retain more! Ace read The Journey of Al and Gebra to the land of Algebra this year and it was much better for him to understand concepts without stressing him or me out. Let’s face it, that is important in life and not every child is supposed to be a mathematical wizard, although most parents expect that out of their kids. With this in mind I have already ordered Life of Fred Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition and Life of Fred Percents and Decimals for them for next year and we still have the MUS DVD’s so if they need extra help we have it available. The Princess has stated many times lately that MUS Fractions does not make sense to her at all when she watches the video causing her and me much angst. 

The Ark is now officially a Senior!!! She is so impressed with him and where he is going with his life. He shared that after college he wants to join the Peace Corps for two years, so he can travel and learn more about real life. He is planning on being a youth director as a career and that is so exciting for both of us. We are planning on having him take the ACT soon as I have time to schedule it. Also, we will probably have him take a couple of classes at our community college to get in the swing of college life with a safety net of having mom to give support. We have had him take a class on HighSchool to College transitioning and he is taking the second class soon. He really enjoyed the first class even though I could have taught him most of that material! That is a bit frustrating for me as a counselor to be who has worked with undergraduates teaching them academic success skills!!!

We are doing summer swim team per our usual which is keeping us busy. The littles are doing swim lessons, the Peanut just passed onto level 6 while the Princess is stuck at level 5 due to her scoliosis * a big disappointment for her. But we are looking into swim lessons at a new place opening up soon that will have small classes and maybe better ways of teaching her to succeed in spite of her disability. 

That is all for the time being, as I am studying to take my comprehensive exams and now have to do some work on the kids school planning! Look for an update after July 11! 

*edit: I guess i might have said that I now have a Senior, Freshman, two middle schoolers: 7th grader and 5 grader