When I first saw the fmf prompt of good the only thing that came to mind is “It is well with my soul” a bit of a surprise since that really has nothing to do with the word “good”. Here it is the next morning and that is still the only thing that comes to mind. Possibly it is because, last night we celebrated my youngest child’s First Communion, complete with a foot washing by the Pastor and Assisting Minister. It may be just as simple as today is Good Friday…..a day of sadness as Christians around the world ponder on how much the Lord loved us to send his son to die on the cross for our sins. I woke up at 5:30am this morning and unable to go back to sleep lay there thinking about how lonely Jesus must have been to have his disciples whom he loved fall asleep while he prayed. We humans are so weak, I know that I would have eventually slept as well, I have never been one to stay awake all night. Yet, in spite of our weakness and sinful nature Jesus loves us. What a wonderful gift to all of us whether we acknowledge his gift or not. So for today and this weekend, my refrain will be “It is well with my soul”. 

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