FMF~ When

When Lord Jesus will you come back? This is a constant refrain in my heart lately. I ant truly struggling with all the hatred going on in our world. Every one has an opinion about what is right and wrong and then wants everyone to do what they do! This ranges from the vaccine debate to the war against terrorism to how to educate your children. Personally I’m sick of it all! The Lord gave us the freedom to choose our own paths but yet we would take away the rights of others just because we are afraid! But yet we listen to people who may not have our best interests at heart.
So again, I wonder when? I personally hate this world lately, it is not a safe place for people! Last night my 12 yr old daughter saw a picture of a woman, who is partially naked with the slogan “Still not asking for it” I had to explain how men use the excuse of how a woman is dressed as an excuse for rape to her. She was stunned that men could be so cruel and was shaking her head at the insanity of it all. Again, when will the Lord come back and end this rape culture?
While i do believe that many people are loving and caring, I have seen so much hate on FaceBook and Twitter and the news that I am beyond disgusted and wishing we were not a global society, so I could gather up my children and go someplace where no one would force their beliefs on me and my family!
Maybe when, I have my degree, I will find a measure of peace, or perhaps I should cut ties to FB and Twitter to gain a measure of peace but then I would miss my friends, even if some of them do not respect my rights, I still care about them and theirs…………..

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