More Waiting

So yesterday was spent in wondering what path to follow and today I get an email about a possible graduate assistantship at my top pick doctoral program! They will have 5 GA positions opening up but what I’m not sure of is are they open for fall of 2015 or fall 2016? Fall of 2015 will see me not done yet whereas fall of 2016 I will be ready and able to start!
Plus this program is forging a relationship with my current university, giving our students preference!
This would be a dream come true for me and I so badly desire/need this! I am trying not to get my hopes up because if they have 5 opening for fall of 2015 they may not have any fall of 2016! Ugh I hate waiting and not knowing! I probably hate not knowing what decision to make even more!
Ok, I guess this one has to left in God’s hands for the moment, as I need to go study some more!
Pray for me as I try to follow God’s plan!

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