I could write for hours on this one word! Right now this word means Wait upon the Lord to me. I am not a patient person and this is becoming a very difficult lesson for me at this time in my life. I want to know where the Lord is leading me and He just gives me minute bits and pieces in the form of preparation for the future.
Can I admit to being beyond frustrated? I want to know what God’s plan is for me so I can just do it and not have to think about it or even make decisions!
When trying to decide what master’s program to accept, (I was accepted to all 3 programs I applied for) I was stressed until the Lord said to me ” you will make the right choice” and I did. The Lord has blessed my time at JCU in the most magnificent ways. However, I feel Him pushing me towards other places and to be truthful, I am terrified! He uses others to plant seeds in my brain so very effectively and then I panic wondering how to process everything and worry about making the right choices yet again.
Life would be so much easier if God would just tell me what to do since I am tired of making choices and at this time really would like to just be obedient and not think about it.
Ahhhh, yes I am bracing for the uproar I suspect may come from that statement! Yes, I know that we were given free will but sometimes, it would just be nice to not have to utilize it all the time. Having made serious mistakes in the past, I desire to not do so in my future.
So I will wait upon the Lord and continue to pray for guidance even if it is rather grudgingly at times, because of my impatience.

4 thoughts on “FMF~Wait

  1. i don’t know why that statement will cause an uproar, sometimes no one wants to make a decision and to just be told what needs to happen. it is my thought that mothers, who do the bulk of the decision making, raising, and household care, just want a break from all the being the leading adult! there is NOTHING wrong with that. there is also nothing wrong with being in a bdsm relationship if it is healthy, consensual, and a growing relationship. i don’t understand why everyone gets their garments in a twist so easily these days. you will find the way and the answers. you know i am an alternative believer, but don’t they say, “god works in mysterious ways.” therefore, let the other people plant away! *winks*

    • Stacey, I love you! You always put life into perspective for me! And yes, people do get all riled up over other’s decisions or words and that frustrates me as well! And you are quite correct in that I’m tired of making all the decisions in my home/life! So many people relying on me to “do the right thing”! On of the reasons I’ve been writing more, so I can process it all somewhere safe.

  2. We all come to a point in our lives when we long to not make all the decisions. Not everyone is meant to be the alpha or leader. God made us different for reasons. We don’t all have to agree about everything but we do have to love and pray for one another.

    • Hi Elaine,
      I agree that not all of us are leaders but I also know that as a leader, I get really tired of making every decision. Tom does not make any in our marriage and its wearing after years of marriage

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