FMF~ Share

Ha how funny that this word was already on my mind when Kate picked it! The reason was because I am taking a course called Group Counseling this semester. it is supposed to help you learn how to lead counseling groups. Which is fine in theory. What i didn’t realize when I registered for it is that we would be required to actually participate in said group! Share~ changes to Sharing when in a therapeutic group.

It is hard work, one you have to trust the other members to not judge you or think you are crazy or worse yet not fit to be a counselor. You cry if you are me, because that is how you express your emotions even when personally you hate crying. 

It was our first group session and the things we all shared were so deep and raw, not something that happens very often according to the professor. I am not sure how I feel about that yet. Good? Excited? Sad? Definitely overwhelmed by the thought that we still have 10 more of these group sessions to live through and now realize just what I am in for. More rawness, more crying, more sharing. And the timer I set just went off……….

Finishing off my thoughts on this is that sharing is hard and even when you know the person you are sharing with. My dear friend shared something with me after months of keeping it to herself in Dec. and I know it was difficult for her. Imagine being in a counselor’s office and having to share deep personal thoughts or worse yet in a group setting and having to do the same! I share this not to scare anyone but to remind all of us that sharing is hard work and it is a privilege to be the person who gets to listen to another’s pain, joy and life struggles. 

5 thoughts on “FMF~ Share

  1. You are so right. I have found that sometimes it is harder to share with people who know you well than with people who don’t know you. There are a few things in my life that I’ve not shared outside my personal journals and my prayers with God. Trust is not an easy thing to do blindly, and I don’t believe that we should. I guess that is why the Roman Catholic use of the confessional is something that so many find to be useful.

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