Over Two Months?

Ugh, I had no idea until I stopped by that it had been that long since I wrote here. #bloggerfail but in my defense, life is crazy as is my normal here. Homeschooling a 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th grade children is rough, not to mention taking 4 graduate level classes. The good news is that I am half way through the semester and things seem to be easing up a bit in a couple of my classes. I spent most of my weekend working on schoolwork but feel good about where I am currently. Now it is just keeping up and reading/writing every day for the next 2 weeks on the two upcoming presentations that I have to do by Nov. 18 and 24th. 

I have a practicum site set up to start in January, which takes a huge load off my shoulders! I contacted 9 places for 2 interviews and got both positions! I told the one I liked the least I was sorry but due to them not calling me sooner, I had accepted another site. I hate feeling like I burned bridges with that agency but they told me I would know within 2 days and then it was 7 business days later. I like the place I’m going better anyways 😉 I have to stop by and drop off paperwork for them on Tuesday and go do another background check but I’ve now done so many in the last few years that is old hat to me.

I guess I will let the proverbial hat out of the bag, and tell you I have decided to pursue my doctoral degree pending getting admitted into the program I want, also pending getting a graduate assistantship. I will be applying to Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral programs next fall!!!!! (Doesn’t seem that far away).  I feel I am being led to teach counseling to master’s level students. With that in mind, I have applied and been appointed the secretary for our honors society, hope to be assigned a first year counseling student to mentor and will be co-leading an academic group for 5 weeks starting tomorrow. Yes, I am crazy but I am happy with where I feel the Lord is leading me and hope that I am listening correctly. I am an anomaly as I love research and I love teaching! I also love mentoring, so what could be better than to do all 3 as a professor with my PhD? Not to mention that I can move to wherever I want and just take the licensing exam for that state if I want to counsel in my spare time. Plus, if I teach, my littles might be able to go for much less tuition.

No, I am not really sure when this happened but I have always wanted my doctorate for myself and had thought that it would be in clinical or counseling psychology, now I realize that would have not been who I am. I would have ended up in private practice and probably never given a thought to research or teaching. I have also realized that mentoring young adults not only benefits them but it keeps me young! 

On the home front~ The Ark took the PSAT, I’m trying not to be disappointed as I’m sure he did not do well, his dyslexia was a factor when he was studying, although he at least got the experience. We will start studying for the SAT and ACT after Christmas. Ace is doing well in confirmation and is doing fundraising with The Ark so they can go to the National Youth Gathering for Lutheran Youth next year, it is in Detroit. The teens are very excited. The Ark has been looking forward to them going together since he came home from New Orleans. The Princess is taking art lessons still and the Peanut is still singing in the choir. We have the grand baby until after the holidays. Jassy came home to visit and brought her boyfriend. He is perfect for her and they are such a cute couple. We went to the waterpark for the day and had a blast! Once the kids realized that heavier people go down slides super fast in the inner tubes, I had to go down them with each child! I was either body sliding or inner tubing for a total of 12 times. Climbing up those 4 story steps was murder though. Would love to add photos for you but do not have time tonight and I didn’t take any at the waterpark for obvious reasons. The husband did get hired into a school system but only as the substitute custodian, but it is a start to getting a job there. Now if they would just call him so he can show them what he can do. 

This is all the update I have in me for the moment. I am really tired from a busy weekend and so much studying. This will have to suffice until I get another minute or two. 


2 thoughts on “Over Two Months?

  1. Doctorate!! Wow….you are amazing. It sounds like you are really listening and following the promptings from the Lord. Good for you. Sounds like a busy time as always. Best wishes Rose.

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