The Walking Tour of John Carroll~

I know that my friend IrishMum has been waiting for this post for a long time but here it is. It was a beautiful sunny warm summer day in NE Ohio and I am blessed to have spent it with my dear friend Robyn. While walking through the campus I am amazed yet again at how the Lord knew what I needed out of a graduate school! For me it isn’t just about the program or the professors or the coursework or even the praticum/internship opportunities (they are all very important) but God knew that I needed to be in an aesthetically beautiful place, with buildings that are of a bygone era. God also knew that my soul needed a place that would renew my faith, not ignore it or have so many other students argue my Christianity with me. There is a peacefulness at John Carroll, even when the campus is crowded I can feel it. JCU is a small haven in a huge suburb of Cleveland and it amazes me how once I’m there how the rest of the world ceases to exist for me. I took 124 photos that day! I won’t be uploading all of them but enough so that you can see how beautiful it is here. On second thought how about a smile box slideshow? so much easier. Maybe. 

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It seems to have worked! I hope you have enjoyed the tour of JCU! They were putting in a fountain in front of the Chapel, so I will stop by at the beginning of the semester and get a photo of that for you as well! I also heard that they had renovated Murphy’s Hall and did it through the historical foundation and it is supposed to be fabulous! 


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