Life in Rose’s House

It is always busy here, swim team, granddaughters, the puppy, the kids evaluations, a garden, you know life stuff! The stuff that never seems to be ending! Now that some of the trees are down, we would like to work on our patio~ again! We took the kids to the St. Charles Festival *the husband grew up in that parish and it is a tradition for him to go, The princess used a whole $0. 25 to win the stuffed puppy you see! On her first try, as soon as we got there! I was ready to go home shortly after that! I bought some new cotton yarn to try for knitted dishcloths, I love it much better than the stuff I was using. We took the kids to the library since it has been unseasonably cold here as well as wet, so you will see lots of those pictures. The granddaughters are leaving this weekend and I will miss them terribly but after a bit over 2 months with a little one, I’m kind of ready for the break and to get some things done like: the patio, working on next years garden space and getting the kids ready for the upcoming school year. Oh yes, the evaluations: The 2 older boys went together the week before the littles. The teacher was impressed with the Ark and his future plans (more on that in another post). He talked very nicely to her, explaining his goals, what he did this past year. Ace was less talkative and admitted to being lazy so we have to curtail some of his electronics time. She was impressed by his History book and the fact that is was hefty reading and he finished it, so that redeemed him 😉 She was also happy to hear that he is finally starting to understand math concepts even if he struggles with what to do with them. We have a plan of action for that but again that is another post to come. The littles wowed her! They are just so bubbly and outgoing that they are easy to evaluate. They both have a future plan which is impressive! Both want to be teachers: The Princess~ Art and the Peanut~ Math, both at the Master’s Level. The Peanut has an extensive vocabulary and uses it appropriately, which still impresses me much less the teacher. And the Princess artwork is awesome! I am very proud of the four of them! It is not easy to homeschool children when mom is in college, even though this year was a bit better because my classes are at night instead of the day. Currently, I am working on next year, still need to buy some of their books, but at least that is coming together.  enough talk about homeschooling plan since that needs its own post as well! Look for more rambling from me next week as I’m sure I will have something to say 😉


The Husband working on our patio now that some of the trees are down


The stuffed dog the Princess won in 30 seconds of going to the St. Charles Festival


The yarn I bought for dishcloths


The dishcloth in progress


library time


Oh you know, just hanging out


Beautiful glass outside the library


The Princess hard at work building


Trains! Let’s build


I got this!!!!


All abroad!!!!!


A doll house!!! Like she doesn’t play with all of the Princess dollhouses?


4 thoughts on “Life in Rose’s House

  1. Happy Summer Rose. If only the weather in the Midwest would cooperate so it actually felt like summer. I don’t have to worry about that for much longer though, I guess! Nice to hear from you.

    • Yes! I almost envy you but not sure I can do the really hot summers! Thanks! I have tentative posts running about my head so I’m sure there will be more! How is the house coming along?

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