Beach Time

Seriously people we live in NE Ohio, not far from Lake Erie, and the two youngest had never been to the beach! They are 11.5 and 9!!!! I am seriously failing as a mom in this regard…… in order to correct that offense I took the kids to the beach for a couple of hours of fun! 



Walking down the 100 or so steps to beach level….



What? this is how a lake beach looks?


The Princess is pretty happy to be here


Teen boys do catch some rays


Oh, wait a minute the whole family is in the water except for mom!


The granddaughter waving at me 🙂


Boy that water must be cold


The city skyline not a bad picture considering I didn’t have my Pentax dslr


3 thoughts on “Beach Time

  1. When we downloaded the picture of the teen boys catching rays my 12 year old son was checking out the feet of the boy on the left and seemed fascinated by his long second and third toes! He looked at me with this huge grin and exclaimed, “OMG! His feet look just like mine! I have twin feet LOL!” He went on to talk about the boy’s long toes and how they stick out past his big toe just like my son’s! He saved this picture and said he is really proud to see cool looking feet just like his!

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