So what is keeping me busy?



Part of what I’ve been doing in this post with a few more to come: The Peanut turned 9 on June 13!!!! I wanted to do something special for him and had my 4 granddaughters over and we threw him a glow in the dark party! I bought a black light, lots of glow stuff and just let them have fun! The very blurry photos are of the kids running around at dusk outside glowing! They had a blast and it was fun! We even found glow in the dark bands to make bracelets!
IMGP0034 IMGP0001 IMGP0012 IMGP0013 IMGP0014 IMGP0015 IMGP0002 IMGP0016 IMGP0026 IMGP0006 IMGP0007 IMGP0029 IMGP0031


2 thoughts on “So what is keeping me busy?

  1. My boys love glow in the dark things, but are always sad to go to bed when they have them, because they know that the glow will be gone or faded by morning 😦

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