God’s Not Dead

After waiting months to see this movie and watching the trailer’s more than once I took the husband to a old fashioned movie theater to see it.
we got in for $5. a head with a free popcorn each! There were only five people there including us, which was perfect!

I had asked one of my professor’s if she had seen it and she said “no, I heard it got bad reviews”. I am so disappointed in the bad reviews! I am now wondering why? Was it because so many of the Christians who saw it are not as steadfast as the young man who wouldn’t cave to his professor and state that “God is dead”? or perhaps we do not realize how difficult it is for anyone to be a Christian in China? or maybe it is not politically correct to portray a Muslim father hitting his daughter and throwing her out the door because she has become a Christian? Perhaps it was the arguments showing that God does exist? and maybe all the scientists are wrong?
some people admire Stephen Hawking almost as a god because of his knowledge so it is not the popular thing to do to show that he may be wrong?
I personally loved this film! But then I would be that student who refuses regardless of the cost. I think that we are inundated with science view on everything in our lives and it was refreshing to see a Christian view for a change. I loved how the film intertwined so many different people together. I also love the Newsboys so seeing them was also a great perk 🙂
Kevin Sorbo does a great job being a philosophical professor, who is angry at God. The husband didn’t like the ending because the prof. dies but I felt it was a great way to show how we have all the way to that last minute to ask for forgiveness and receive it. I also liked it when the young man finally realizes that he touched so many lives and was used by God.
I may have liked the film so much because I have been in similar situations while going to a liberal university. It is so difficult for Christian’s in that environment! Remember to pray for our children who may go to a liberal college because of money!
My favorite part? when the journalist is interviewing the Newsboys and Duncan nicely disagrees with her reason for being there and they pray with her! I cried then because it was so awesome.
I encourage you to see it for yourself and decide, don’t believe me or anyone else, rather make up your own mind. It is supposed to be out on dvd this July and I can’t wait! I will be having the teens watch it!
One side note~ my sons friend watched it, said it was pretty good and he learned a lot about Christianity! He is not a Christian.


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