So I am doing ok in my classes this semester, I have an A in Chem. Dep. and A- in Human Growth and Counseling Techniques. But not getting all A’s is difficult for me the perfectionist 😉 Of course getting an A in human growth means having a minimum of 95% not the easier task, but counseling techniques is only 94% and I currently have a 91% which I know is not horrid and my grade of A- is certainly not going to make me any less of a counselor but I like A’s they boost my confidence and self-esteem!!!! I am however so glad that I am taking the summer off, well to a certain extent. 

I will be taking online classes to get my CDCA, it is the first level of Chemical Dependency certification. I want it so I can put it on my resume for my practicum and internship looking. I am also going to finish the application for the Red Cross as then I can take disaster relief trainings. I will also be studying for my comps, even though they are a year away I want to not rush studying for them and to do well on them. Taking them more than once would not be a good thing. 

I am taking four classes in the fall: Diversity, Careers, Tests and Measures and the PhD prep class. Hello stress! I plan to study some of them this summer as well getting a jump on the fall! I’m not worried about careers, as the professor is the same one I have for Chem. Dep and she is easy to please. So studying ahead for the other classes will be beneficial. I really want to focus on the prep class because of the research and presentation component. I would love to do something good enough to present at the OCA conference my last year of school. 

I am working on the cd for graduation already as well, I have to give my advisor a cd with my formal papers from the 9 core classes, as well as a bunch of other things. But at least if I get the papers all in one place as I finish classes, I think the rest will be easy. I will update my resume during the summer as well so I am ready for applying for my Practicum. Can you believe it? I will be applying this fall!! It has to be done by October 10th I think!!!! Then I start my practicum in January 2015!!!! That doesn’t seem very far away.

I have already picked out my top three sites, 2 of them do crisis intervention and one is the Cleveland Clinic. I was privileged to hear a speaker last night in my Chem Dep class who is a crisis interventionist and would love to focus my career there if possible. We will see what the Lord has in mind though. I periodically live Jeremiah 29:11 all to well. 

At least I feel as if I getting somewhere, and so quickly, undergrad seemed to drag on and on but grad school is speeding away. By december I will be half-way through the program. How has that happened so fast? 

I only have one take home final that I am working on right now, 3 out of 4 questions are done, doing the last tomorrow so that I can review/revise on Sunday. Turning it in on Tuesday!!!! I do have classes next week but after that only 1 in class final!!!! I am beyond excited and can’t wait for a bit of down time and getting caught up on things around here! Well I guess I could so something productive or maybe some downtime watching Murdoch Mysteries would be nice. 


9 thoughts on “Angst

    • Thanks! The Lord is leading me in that direction, I didn’t pick it but it is so prevalent and I go where He leads! I think it is so hard for families and maybe I can help them

  1. The end is near. Which both exciting and terrifying I am sure. If anyone can get through this and come out the other side with grace and still (mostly) intact, it’s you. (You are doing a pretty full on course of study that leads to an incredibly full on career.) You are amazing Rose. And incredibly inspiring. Jeremiah 29:11 will have nothing but good things of this I am sure.

    • Hi Ash!!!! This is not a lot! Wait until I tell you the rest of my summer plans! That post is coming after my three classes for next week! My life is always like this, good thing I thrive on chaos 😉

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