The Sophomore Swimmer


So The Ark lettered up on his first year of varsity swim!!!! We are incredibly proud of him and this  accomplishment! It was difficult at first since it was a whole new experience for him. Nothing like sending your baby  teenager into a public school to swim when you are a homeschooler. We did have one advantage, we knew the head coach. He really struggled with the demands of a varsity swim at first and the first week saw him coming home from practice and sleeping 😉 There are quite a few requirements for lettering up and we certainly did not think he would be able to on his first year. I enjoy seeing my son turn into a well liked responsible young man. I am wondering about the silly award though, since I know he doesn’t talk a great deal. I wish that we had been able to do this last year as he could have lettered up for 4 years but, it is ok…..we are still in the fundraising set though, the swim parents who do the most of the helping out have goals and that means we have things we must do as well. The only downside to participating in swim team. He was teasing me about buying him a VF jacket since he lettered up, I told him I would if he wanted one but he claims he doesn’t. We will see if he changes his mind before 12 grade. Ok, now I need to go do school with children, I suppose. I really just want to go to bed, as I had a dumb headache for 2 days that was just under migraine levels. I’m so tired now! My slogan is going to be Nike’s with Just Do It……….



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