The latest investment……

So I have been drooling over Vitamix’s for what seems like forever…..this year I decided that I was going to get one, no matter what. With that in mind a week ago we stopped at the Vitamix outlet and priced the Professional 500, it was $340 but going up another $40 by the end of the month. The husband asked a lot of questions, one was why do they have refurbished ones? The reply, some people just return them……now that I can’t imagine but whatever…..

Yesterday  while Renee and I were downtown dealing with the one granddaughter’s father; the husband went out and brought home this:



ok, so the table is a mess, we are after all homeschooler’s……

So today I got out of bed early courtesy of the grand baby, and made this:

1972876_10202404104117795_937023085_ospinach, coconut milk strawberries, mango and banana’s……

10000343_10202404163679284_2004531544_oit tastes great but I don’t like the heavy banana flavor and will stick to only 1 banana in the future.

I even got the 2 youngest to drink it…….she is not sure about it though, and agreed the banana’s were a bit much…..although it did make it nice and creamy……..I did have to promise her that I would make her one tomorrow without spinach 😉


I am so glad that we finally bought this, I am finding that I have having more problems with food due to pesticides and chemicals, so this is my answer to eating healthy without feeling like everything I eat is crunchy…….

Can’t wait to try a few of the recipes in the cookbook that came with it…….and am seriously hoping that I will lost the last 15# that I have as a goal……Ok, I must educate children and start working on my spring break todo list….which is very long…….




8 thoughts on “The latest investment……

    • so why don’t you have one every day? Just curious? I am hoping to make up bags of smoothie ingredients for a month and then just pull one out for breakfast. it would be great to find time to make some of the recipes in my cookbook that came with it, but we will see when I get to that…..

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