I must remember to tell myself that often lately! The first week of the new semester had the potential to bring on a panic attack but since I am the counselor that I am, I worked my way through it before it became a huge problem. I have a ton of work to do for this semester and I am joining the local chapter of Chi Sigma Iota.

I drove to GA yesterday and will be leaving tomorrow. My visits are never long enough but that is life. I brought the grandbaby down for Renee. It was a rough drive with an active 2 year old. We made 7 stops between gas, food and bathroom breaks. We saw an accident right in front of us, that scared me to death! A young man in a beautiful new car sped past me in the high-speed lane while it was snowing and he hit black ice, crashed into the concrete barrier and then bounced into oncoming traffic. I have no idea how but he then skidded back into the emergency drive off out of traffic. Parts of his car went flying all over. We are so thankful that no one else was dragged into the accident and he seemed  ok from what we could tell. The rest of the trip was stressful but safe.

The Ark was supposed to be at a last swim meet today but he was up puking a few times last night so he didn’t go. I’m sad since he was doing so well, he had a meet Thursday and had come in first place in his 100m breaststroke. I had hoped he would get enough points to letterup this year but, I doubt it now. Oh well there is always next year. He still has sectionals to go to I believe but am not sure since he missed today.

I entered an art contest for the Princess, we will see what happens. The last drawing I submitted for her, was disqualified because even though she drew it, it is considered a licensed piece. Here it is:




IMG_7374 so I submitted this one next:


So now we wait to see what happens, I have not heard anything as of yet to say that this one is not acceptable.

I forgot that I had started this entry, and now trying to finish it is not happening. So much happens in my life on a daily basis that keeping up with blogging is crazy.

The Ark and I are going through his Alg. 2 work problem by problem and I am finally seeing the light of understanding in him……I really want him to master this not just get a decent grade. I enrolled Ace in for his general science today, hoping it motivates him because he is driving me crazy with his math and science. So in other words the kids are being educated just not at my chosen pace……

I love the professor I have for my Monday and Tuesday night classes! My Wednesday class is good and the professor is very knowledgable and so very sweet but she is not as organized as I would like making it hard to figure out just what it is I’m supposed to be doing in that class.

It is Arctic cold here, most of the schools have been closed for 2 days! I had class last night and was not happy about it but once I got there I learned a great deal so that made up for having to go out in the freezing weather. I love my counseling techniques class, it makes me realize that I will soon be the counselor that I have always been but with the degree/licensing behind it! So exciting for me.

Ok, well I guess I better close this and go study….ugh! But NCIS is on tonight and it will be so good to watch it on tv not my computer.


5 thoughts on “Breathe…..

  1. yes, breathing is a very good thing. it is so cold here, ugh, the wood furnace is only keeping our house at about 58-62, way cooler than i like. *hugs you* yay for school!

    • Stacy!!!! That is insane!!! I keep my house at 63 at night, 67 day and we are still cold here but no insulation does that to you……I finally made it over to prosebox but haven’t done much there.

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