So life with a 2 year old grandbaby is rough! No matter how adorably cute she is! I am actually driving her home next weekend! Renee was going to come up but is stressed out, so I am making the trip. I am taking the Princess and Ace with me for help, The Ark and Kendra have to take care of the Peanut. We will leave Friday at about 6:30am and come home Sunday since The Ark and The Princess have chiro appointments and I have to be back in school by Tuesday evening. Prayers for safe travel are requested and much appreciated. 

I started the kids back to school this week but it is not looking much like school. I decided that the boys really needed to start math and writing journals and that is what they have been working on all week, but not much else. Although, I do think that they are understanding the concepts that I have made them write about and that is a wonderful improvement. Hoping to plan next week out better, this weekend so that I have more of a plan of attack. The little have just done their normal work. We have 7 chapters of Astronomy left, hoping to get done with it by the end of January and then do geography until May and then might do Botany over the summer for next years science. It would be wonderful to get it done before Sept.

My classes start Monday night and I am starting to get nervous! I have class MTW: Mon. Counseling Techniques, Tues. is Human Growth and Development, Weds is Chemical Dependency Assessment, Treatment and Intervention. I have syllabi for the first two classes which increased my anxiety. I ordered 3 of my 4 texts. I bought one on my Nook, which I am going to start reading now. One I am renting until May, then returning and I bought the Chem. Dep. text. as I am thinking about taking the 40 hour course and test to get my CDCA certification. This will allow me to look for a job and if I can find one part time I will be a happy camper. I downloaded an app called Indeed Jobs to my phone and it lists job for me to check out! I can save the jobs for future reference! I like this app because I can search jobs in other cities! I am determined to move out of Ohio asap! I am so tired of snow and cold weather! I just need my degree, and to get in my 3000 hours of supervision and then I can take the exam for my LPCC and then move! I am guessing about 4 years.  Still seems like 4 years too long.

I have made no written goals for this year and already feel the lack! I am at my best when I have goals both short and long term but for some reason lately just can not seem to get them solidified onto paper. Putting that on my ToDo list for this weekend. To echo our homeschool evaluator’s husband “if you have no goals you have no life” which I sadly resonate with. 

So I stopped to go pick up the Ark and he came in 2nd place for his IM and 100 Breaststroke!!! His relays came in 1st!!!! He came in 1minute 24 sec for his 100 breast……. So proud of him……

I am thinking about having The Princess start a blog about her art, but I would have to do heavy monitoring of it. The reason is after I matted and framed the piece for her Godmother, I realized that some of her art is really good and we should have a place to showcase it and perhaps sell it. I also want her to work at her writing as she is the only child I have that likes writing. 

I actually made a menu plan for this week. Hoping to get our grocery spending under control…..I even got the Princess to eat cucumbers and carrots for a snack tonight! A big step forward for her…..and I didn’t even have to threaten her with death 😉

I love Thursdays right now! I have no class and the week is almost over, so I get to relax on this night. I guess I will close this until I write up my goals for 2014……Have a great evening/day.


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