2013~ What a year!!!

In so many ways this year flew by on eagles wings~

January and February found me praying that is was the Lord’s will that I go to teach homeopathy  in Guatemala with my dear friend Sherry, her husband Doug and a friend of theirs Lori. I also applied to three graduate programs: John Carroll for Counseling, Kent State for Public Health and Case Western Reserve for Public Health. I also started my internship at Oriana House.

March found me dragging my heels getting my passport, until the Husband pointed out that I couldn’t go without it. We also celebrated The Princess First Communion. I had an interview at John Carroll and was accepted within a week of said interview.

April found me stressing, as I was finishing up my undergraduate work and planning out my academic calendar for my Master’s. We were also waiting for news on whether or not Renee would be able to move to GA.

May~ I graduated Summa Cum Laude, 4 of my 5 beautiful daughters were there to celebrate with me as was the Husband and my dear friend Diane. I celebrated Mother’s Day that day as well! It was so exciting and I am glad that I went. Renee and I had gone out shopping for my dress and that memory will stay with me for a long time. A week later, Kendra and I would drive to GA and take some of Renee’ stuff to her new apartment. I cried, it was hard and still is sometimes. I do know that moving to GA was/is her dream and I can not be selfish.

June found me immersed in getting ready for my trip, swim team and taking care of the 2 granddaughters. Kendra graduated from high school and I was so proud to be at her commencement ceremony.On June 30, I drove The Ark to camp, he was so excited! He was almost jumping in his seat when he knew we were just a bit away. I would not get to pick him up, since he would come home on Friday and I would be at the airport on my way to Houston.

July found me flying to Houston and then to Guatemala City for 10 days. I loved every minute of it. I learned so much about me, my faith and other people. I was also prophetized to by a Christian woman at the Presbyterian church we attended in Guatemala City that first Sunday. One day I will write about that experience. I came home only to send The Ark off to Brooklyn, NY for his mission trip. Saw my son for about 6 days in July. We also saw the teacher with the kids for their evaluations.

August found me driving the granddaughters to GA to Renee, we stayed for a few days and then I drove home. August was also the month I worried the most about starting grad school. I started the kids with their school and tried to prepare us all for success.

September found me starting school, Ace starting confirmation classes, with the littles going back to choir and the Princess back to art lessons. We also found out that The Ark could swim for our local high school if we paid the fee and gave my son grades……I hate doing grades……..

October was the month that I kind of lost sight of what was going on around me, I was schooling children and keeping up with my school work but that was all that I could do.

November found us slogging through work, so we could go to GA to see Renee and the kids: so our focus was on our trip. We went to the museum, mall and riverwalk. But so quickly, it was time to say goodbye and head home. I also went to my first conference as a counseling student! I also feel that the Lord is nudging me in a direction but that requires more prayer before I can share it here.

December found us distracted by the holidays and The Ark’s swim schedule. He practices 3 hours a day M-F and has had numerous meets. I was finishing up my semester and writing a lot of papers. I did well, two A’s and one A- with a GPA of 3.90! I’ll take it as now I can join the honor society for counselors. 3 classes and 1 semester down. We had a fabulous Christmas and I celebrated my 50th birthday. I made it back to the gym yesterday but skipped today as I’m sore but plan on going tomorrow since it is open and why not start the year off by working towards my goals for 2014? Truly this year is a blur of happenings and action for our family.

I hope you enjoyed this brief recap of our year and that the Lord blesses you in 2014!




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