DPP~Week 2


Christmas story stack on the buffet~


My very handsome sophomore


ignore the messy house~ The Princess doing school in front of the portable heater


another view of John Carroll ……I love taking pictures of the neo-classical buildings.


My youngest granddaughter,


Going to my dear friend’s annual Christmas Party~ we played a game called nouns and the husband and I kicked butt…..


One of the little’s Godmother’s, celebrating Christmas~ the gift is Snap Circuit’s Jr. kit~ and he loves it as does the Princess! They are working on building different things today. They have also requested more kits. Gift = Win!!!!!


yes, this is another picture from yesterday but I can’t get enough photos of my granddaughter while she is here with us. In January she goes back home to GA and we will miss her terribly.

I am done with my first semester of graduate school and it is a great feeling! I know I have an A in Research Methods, waiting on the other two grades, hoping for A-‘s they were tough classes. 

This week we are only doing math and science this week, since we do have the 2 year old. I was reading about earth’s atmosphere being warm and friendly compared to other planets and the Princess raised her hand and said that Ms. Fulbright was mistaken: the animals aren’t all friendly, neither are the people and it is cold here, so it is not warm or friendly on earth. My reply was that perhaps the author mistook earth for heaven. The Princess agreed.

Ok, I have tons of things to do this week: baking, sewing and some organizing, not to mention wrapping a few more presents. 

Have a Blessed week!!!


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