This week went by so quickly! We got here last Saturday night, and before I knew it, it was a week later. Most of the week was spent shopping and prepping and watching kids, while Renee worked. We went into the Lagrange mall, boy is it tiny but it was nice to see it. On weds. Renee and I drove into Hogansville so she could do a loan signing. What a cute little town! I wish I had had my camera with me, but of course I didn’t 😦  The road on the way to Hogansville is through woods, one side had remnants of a forest fire while the other side was wiped out by a tornado.

Thanksgiving was great, with lots of good food and relaxing. Yesterday, Nigella’s father picked her up, I truly do not like that man, he is so fake and such a liar. Can’t wait until the Lord deals with him. Today we drove into Columbus Ga to go see their Museum, Mall and the Riverwalk. I took tons of photos and will probably space them out into at least 2 entries.

So let’s start with the Museum:


a huge boat of spun glass figures, it was beautiful! They had a display of glass items but we couldn’t take photos of them, so this will have to suffice.


I loved how the museum starts with a time line on the first floor, it was really cool


the inside of what a slave cabin looks like (supposedly)


The one room schoolhouse


army tent from Fort Benning


Love this mural, so pretty and colorful


Mom and baby statue, my favorites


loved this vase, so pretty


downstairs in the kid section~ The Artist doing art of course


need one of these but smaller for the Princess room


The front of the Museum, notice the Princess posing


The other half of the front of the building


cool dinosaur


the beginning of the timeline, don’t know why wordpress keeps moving my photos around


Of course, she had to pose here


love this mirror~ so beautiful but so dirty


This is an amazing piece of art~


My peanut having fun


Paint anyone?


Ace needing a nap~


yet another mirror~ so much fun

I have so many more photos, but they are on my phone, I will probably post more but not for a few days, when I get home tomorrow night, I will sleep and then it is back to schooling kids and studying, writing for my last two weeks of this semester.


2 thoughts on “Georgia~

    • wordpress does the snow Dec. 01, automatically if you check a box! I wish I could have it for the whole winter but a month is better than nothing.
      Yes, the poser had tons of fun, blog post 2 coming soon, a bit busy studying for that quiz

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