A week off

So my professors at JCU have graciously cancelled classes the week of Thanksgiving and that means the four younger kids and I are traveling to GA to see Renee and the girls for 7 days. We leave early tomorrow morning, both sets of kids have been pumped for the last week. I’m not feeling my best at the moment and am dreading the drive tomorrow. I have spent most of today, organizing, planning, packing, washing clothes, in order to get us ready. 

The Ark is at swim practice but I have to pick him up at 6pm, bring him home to change and then get him back to go out with the boys on swim team. The team captain, Steve, says that it is a tradition that the boys have a night out sometime before their first meet to bond. So my son is not a little boy anymore, and it is bittersweet. He is turning into an awesome young man and I am very grateful for that but it is hard on me to see him grow up so quickly. Note to friends with little ones, they grow up very quick, so treasure your time with them.

We have a big surprise for The Princess when we get home, Tommy and I found a 24″ light up tree for her AG dolls to have on her art table, He is going to get a tree and rearrange the house for us, moving her table and then putting up her little tree, leaving her to hang the ornaments on it. We are also looking for a tiny strand of lights to put on her Calico Critter house to put by her tree. After I get out of school on the 12th (can’t wait) I am going to sew up the clothes that my dear friend Sherry sent me and we are going to wrap them up as presents for her dolls…..she doesn’t know about the tree but, I can’t wait to have her tree up, with presents under it for her dolls. We are going to video tape it. So much fun for us and her.

School is going well both homeschool and grad school, I have an A, A- and B+ so far, and I am ok with that, almost. I am hoping that my participation will net me at least an A, A- and A- but we will see. I have 3 big papers for grades and 2 quizzes……I am pretty sure of the first A, since that is my easy class, and it figures that Research Methods would be my easy class. I do have extra credit pending in my class with a B+, and I have the opportunity to rewrite a question on a previous quiz to get an extra 3 points, which will boost my grade very quickly.Next semester I am taking Lifespan, counseling techniques and chemical dependency. We are working for mastery in math for all 4 of the kids, which is slowing us down a bit. All of the kids are getting better most days about getting up and doing their schoolwork. 

We used an electrical stimulus machine on the Princess back this week and while she was terrified, she stuck it out, with the help of listening to Christmas music. She said she felt tingly for a few hours afterward and wasn’t sure about trying it again but by last night she was asking when she was going to the chiro again and using ‘that murder machine’? 

Ok, this is enough rambling for the moment, as I have stuff to get done still…….I pray that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and takes some time to enjoy their families.


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