It must be October……

So Jassy calls me tonight from FL to tell me that some woman came into her job today. Jassy being her friendly extrovert self started chatting with her and the woman starts talking to her about my dead grandmother. She says that she can see my grandmother in her or something. Jassy is like, I’ve never met my grandmother, she’s been dead for years. The woman says “your mom’s grandmother right?” Yes, Woman: tell your mom that she misses her! and did you have a big family and she likes to cook?

Now we did have a big extended family while my grandmother was alive and she did like to cook Irish food (being Irish Catholic) so corned beef and cabbage, stuffed cabbage stuff like that she did cook along with great mashed potatoes. 

It was just so weird, I do miss my gram as I used to call her but she did most of my raising and taught me everything that is good in me. I know that her sister had moved to FL many years ago but I have no idea where, although this now makes me wonder. Jassy looks a great deal like me and I look a great deal like my grandmother.

Very weird……..


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