Kendra Rose


So if today Kendra turns 19, you know it must be October in our house 😉  I love October for many reasons but mostly because I have 5 children with birthdays this month……this week is the first time in what seems like forever that Ace, Kendra and The Ark have all fallen in the same week~ Sunday through Saturday……..

The picture above is when Kendra went with Mark’s grandma to see him graduate from Army basic training…..he was so happy to see her and she was glad to get a break from the chaos of life here, although she did say she didn’t get much sleep that few days.

Kendra graduated from high school this past June and is taking 3 classes at the community college right down the street from us, she wants to major in business for the moment, we will see if that changes later.

Kendra was a very cute baby, let’s see if I can find a picture of her……BRB……..nope it must be on the computer that is currently down until I reboot it…….

The Peanut is not impressed with her birthday because it is only 48* this morning!!!! time to shut windows at night I guess……he said her birthday was bad luck……

I would share more but really…..she isn’t doing much right now except for her 3 classes and spending time with us….

so I guess my closing should be: Happy Birthday Kendra!!! We love you!!!!


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