Adrien Colin

So it was 13 years ago today that Adrien Colin or Ace as he prefers to be called came into our lives. He weighed in at 9# 8 oz. and a short 19 1/2 ” long. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was not an easy baby, as he was born with Sensory Perception Disorder. Meaning that he has issues with anything involving the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, texture, taste…….so we held him a lot as a baby! he would only sleep next to me where he could hear my heartbeat. My Maya Wrap sling became my best friend with him……sc000182a0This is one of the very few pictures of him awake and not screaming at me! He must of been about 8 weeks old at the time. Although he was born big, he dropped 2 1/2 # very quickly and then refused to put weight back on for a very long time.

Today, Ace is a great swimmer and doing confirmation for the next two years! He is a bit more responsible with his schoolwork and getting it done which is a great perk for the grad. student mom 😉

He still has sensory issues but most days is able to deal with them in positive ways….. although I can tell when he is overwhelmed sensorily, he just goes into my room and crashes where it is quiet. Then if someone comes into my room, he leaves…..which can be very frustrating. 

IMG_7214He has had his haircut this past week but refused to let me take a picture to share so this is the most recent one….love the fact that he is smiling since he seldom does that for pictures……



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