Fall Hiking Spree~

Ohio has beautiful metroparks and  the one we live in as well as a bordering one have Falling Hiking Spree’s!!! So last Sunday and today, the husband and I dragged the two youngest off to a hike…..in 86* and a muggy 84*……the teen sons are waiting for much cooler temps, in the 60’s before hauling along with us……

Last week we went here we had a great time and the Princess did a tiny bit of creek walking which made her a very happy hiker. It was a 1.5 mile hike with lots of ups and downs……a bit rough on my bad knee but we persevered! It is very beautiful and peaceful there with the water going over the falls…..












We wouldn’t let her do any creek walking today since the creek was a bit deeper and moving very fast……but we saw lots of green and yellow with an occasional purple flower thrown in, a toad, a dead crayfish, lots of big bumblebees, different types of fungi, alone duck swimming and a huge black butterfly…..




I love taking photos looking up a very tall trees 😉IMGP0607




What do you mean I can’t go creek walking today?IMGP0615



He is obviously dead so I flipped him over for the photo….IMGP0619



The lonesome toad not very close to the water I might add.IMGP0627

IMGP0629The purple flowers in the midst of all the green and yellow….

It was a great hike only 1.2 miles and we got to see some things we hadn’t seen in awhile in nature……although it was horribly muggy today and I”m feeling the need for a second shower now…..


3 thoughts on “Fall Hiking Spree~

  1. That looks like a great hike! Beautiful place. Does everyone in your family have a hiking stick? I bought my a few month ago and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Bought it at Ace Hardware. LOL What shoes is your daughter wearing? I need to get water shoes for my family.

    • Hi Michelle,
      No we only have 4 staffs but that seems to be working right now 😉
      She is wearing a pair of Sperry’s sandals! They have good arches for her feet and help with her walking and her scoliosis, she needs that extra support. We bought our sticks at the nature center at the metroparks!

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