Random Monday~





So Deb abandoned me to my own devices….not sure that I am forgiving her anytime soon but here are my random thoughts for the moment:

~I made it to the gym today!!! first time in weeks or is it months? I feel pretty good, just a bit sore

~Kids are doing fairly well with school and I am happy that we started back so early, it is taking some of the pressure off of me for the moment.

~I am in the middle of redecorating my hallway…….I painted it a darker grey before my trip and have come home to paint trim white and one closet door black with new brushed nickel hardware! I am currently staining the steps a dark ebony and the couple I have done are looking really nice, but I have to only do a couple at a time as the only bathroom in this house is up said stairs……..I hope to get this project done soon! I doubt I will get the upstairs doors painted anytime soon at this rate but at least the downstairs will look nice.

~ I have been reading almost 3 chapters a day in my textbooks for fall semester and am finally getting excited about grad school!

~ I still have so much to do before Sept. 03!!!!

~I am knitting a Christmassy dishcloth for ME!!!

~Once I start grad school, my children’s lives become busy as well! I am not thinking that is fair to me!

~ I really need to work on my concept of my own identity as I think I might be needing to know that for my orientation to counseling class as it is stressed in the texts…….someone save me, I have no idea who I am most days!

~ on that note I decided I really needed to at least consider dressing a bit more professionally so I went out and bought a very nice tan skirt from JCP! Then I was to exhausted from trying on clothes and realized that I hate trying on clothes and was not about to go to a different store to try on many different shirts to find something that I like. I told Renee that “This whole dressing up thing is not in my nature anymore” She thought it was funny because I used to love it and now I hate it! Her reply was “lol, you will get back into it”.  What a discouraging thought at the moment……I love to shop, I have great style but really dressing up 3 days a week for school and 1 day for Church? Who are we kidding? Oh well, I will survive this, I am sure.

~I let the arc trainer hit me in the ankle today and now I have a nice sized contusion…….

~ really must end this and go study my stats book! Although I do like the book so that is a major plus


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