Antigua, Guatemala

If you are tired of hearing about my trip please, move along, I am feeling the need to write down my experiences here, before I forget that I was there! I have only been home for a month and already I feel like it was all a dream and that I never left the country for 10 days of mission work.

Antigua, Guatemala is a beautiful city about an hour or so away from Guatemala City. It is very old and many of the streets are still cobblestone. My friend Lori and I stayed with Don Carlos and his wife Livia, they rent out rooms to students that are attending one of the local Spanish schools that are in Antigua. Many of the students are looking for immersion Spanish, many of them go into the priesthood. Our friends Doug and Sherry stayed just up the road from us in another house that rents out rooms, while Ron stayed with Don Carlos/Livia’s daughter, Anna. Our first night in Antigua, Lori and I walked Doug and Sherry up to the house and the student that opened the door was from Ireland and had the most delightful accent as most Celtic men do (in my opinion). He was rather cute but his sarcasm was a bit much for me. I thought I reigned queen of sarcasm but he has me beat!

We taught sports homeopathy/first aid to a group of mostly male students most of them somewhere in their teen years. I want to say the number was about 200+. It was interesting, I was sitting up on stage, just where I didn’t want to be since I am more introverted in real life than many people realize.  There were two teenage boys were kept staring at me and giggling! Making me very uncomfortable. I mentioned it to Lori when she came to sit next to me and she asked the boys why they kept staring at me, and their reply was that I had beautiful eyes! So one of the jokes of the trip was that I had picked up 2 boyfriends on my trip.

After the teaching part of it, Sherry, Lori and I had a chance to treat about 5 of the teachers with homeopathy! That was so very cool! We took symptoms and then put remedies into water bottles! It was very humbling to have people need us and also trust us to help them. I know that all 3 of us have always wanted to be able to treat others with homeopathy in such a way. The people we treated are so tired of not getting the help they need from allopathic medicine to be truly healthy. It is very sad that they are suffering so much and needing so much help. Helping them was not a burden on us, but what we went for. I do think though that the amount of need surprised us so very much. We are so used to American’s who depend upon doctor’s and pharmaceuticals that we were in a bit of shock at how openly accepting the people were to try something that might help them. 

Once we were done at the school, Samuel, the man who arranged for us to go to both schools (I didn’t mention the school we visited in the morning session). We got on a bus, that we Americans call ‘chicken busses’ as they are strikingly like the bus you see in the movie Romancing the Stone…… it was standing room only until two of Samuel’s students got up and let Lori and I sit down, which garnered him a great deal of teasing from the other boys. We were much appreciative of the seat. We bumped along, praying that our driver would not get us killed. Chicken bus drivers are some of the bravest/craziest drivers and come within inches of other vehicles; come to think of it so do TukTuk drivers! I could never drive in Guatemala, and I’m an excellent driver. We survived and got to a place where we got off the bus and walked around some type of bazaar thing where we could catch a TukTuk back to where we were staying… was a very long and exciting day for us and we were tired and a bit overwhelmed by it all. One more story before I leave Antigua, the last morning we were there, I asked Lori if she wanted to walk up the hill with me to take photos and see what was up there. Well, we met a not so friendly dog, who was growling at us and we turned quickly around, put our hands up and stood very still. Then Lori starts singing Jesus Loves Me… I joined in and after a few minutes the dog leaves us and we slowly walk back down the hill, still shaking but very relieved that we weren’t attacked. Oh yes, I guess since I’m editing, I should tell you that when we went to Lemoa, Sister Connie told us that we were supposed to send the dog ‘pink energy’…….I have no idea how to do that but I will try to keep it in mind in case I’m in that situation again but I certainly hope not…….

I am going to end this post and upload a ton of photos of Antigua, as that is what you really want to see isn’t it?

Ruins of course!!! Lori and I climbed up there before we left and took pictures, how I wish I knew more about this building.

Sabe Rico has the best atmosphere and great food! Ron wasn’t prepared for this picture though……

The infamous TukTuk’s….see how small they are? imagine sitting 2 or 3 in the back of one bumping around on cobblestone roads…..

No post on Antigua is complete without volcano’s 😉

or maybe two pictures…..

ok, maybe 3 pictures…..this courtyard is inside of a McDonald’s!!!! It was so beautiful! Are you tired of volcano pictures yet? I never got tired of seeing them or taking pictures of them…..

These were taken up in the mountains above Antigua, they had an outdoor museum there and one for Pope John Paul II! I took lots of photos there but photobucket isn’t rotating them for me to show you! It was very beautiful, y’all will have to come visit me in person to see the rest of the photos I took there.

A very fancy restaurant and inn…..

I would love to spend a night here with the husband…….

I guess this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me holding my coca-cola! Sherry’s husband Doug caught me, I was looking at the volcano down the street before I even noticed him wanting a picture…..

I tried to pick out some of my favorite photos of Antigua, but there are so many great ones…..I hope you enjoyed this very brief look at the city……


9 thoughts on “Antigua, Guatemala

    • That’s because you understand my coca-cola addiction 😉 I have got to find some strength to give it up already….but I’m doing so many other things, I have little energy to work on that problem.

    • Hi Stacy!!! I’m so glad you stopped by and left me a note! I’m also glad you are enjoying the posts as I haven’t even written about GC yet and I’m thinking it will take me at least 2 posts to cover even a little bit of what I saw/did there 😉

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