The Weight Loss Post

I am down 20# since my post last year. I promised Bekki and IrishMum my wonderfully inspirational friends from Twitter a post on how I did it. Here is the second post in my trials of weight loss. By the time I started my last year of undergrad in the fall of 2012, I was down 9# but had hit a plateau, until I got sick and then lost another 2#! Where I stayed for months and months! I got sick in March with a horrid respiratory infection and dropped another 2-4# and kept it off. I still fluctuate 2# once I hit mid-month. Do I really know how I have kept it off? No, I have just worked on changing my eating habits: limiting carbs, cutting back on soda, no snacking, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, I go in spurts to the gym~ like whenever I can fit it into my schedule. When I left for Guatemala, I was down 15#! I thought for sure that I would gain weight there not exercising or because I ate tons of carby things but I actually lost another 5#!!! What was different? The altitude? Small portions? not as many chemicals in the food? I have no idea but I have been home for 5 days now and have only regained 0.4# and I am determined to continue with my goal…….. I have now lost 20# total in the last year and it feels great! This officially puts me halfway to my goal!!!! I have only 18# to lose to get to a healthy weight for my age…… that weight will still have me at 8# more than I was when I got pregnant with the Princess 11 years ago but I am ok with that since I was getting sick quite a bit back then and I am hoping the few extra pounds will help me out a bit. 

On that note, I have bought Practically Raw and a veggie spiral slicer, I haven’t had time to use it as of yet, and I have to wonder where it is? Off to find it~ 10 minutes later, I find it on top of my refrigerator…..raw foods really seems to be the fastest way that I lose weight and keep it off…….although I am always hungry and grouchy when I do it…….I am sadly still out of whack with adjusting to being back home since I have had so much real life things to contend with since my return. I am desperately hoping to restart my gym time and doing my 6 week arm challenge again… fact tonight might be a good time to get back into that routine again, as well as doing the plank challenge……

I love being able to wear clothes that used to not fit me quite right and seeing the pounds finally give way and stay off……I just wish I didn’t plateau so often and stay there for so long……it would be great to drop another 8# before Christmas……my husband is really enjoying the weight loss, although he was great with my weight last year, I was not happy with it and he knew it bothered me.

I do tend to stalk Pinterest for exercise ideas and healthy food recipes, I just wish I had more time to integrate them into my life……although, maybe adding one at a time, will help me succeed…..

Do I even really know what has helped me lose weight? not really, just that I am losing slowly and hope to keep up this trend until I hit my goal weight! I just got Jillian Michaels “Master Your Metabolism” and am hoping that there might be something in there that will help me lose just a bit faster or at least more consistently. I do think that it is a hormone imbalance from having so many children that that has kept the weight on me, I know that I have some sort of hormone imbalance because, I tend to sweat when I’m cold and that is a hypothalamus thing……probably something I should be treating with homeopathy but I need to order the remedy……

Ok, the recap: lots of water, cut out breads and carby things like that, get rid of soda or at least as much as possible, exercise, portion control and try not to snack to much, especially salty carby snacks……

Will let you all know if I find something in her book that might help.


7 thoughts on “The Weight Loss Post

  1. Wonderful! How are you doing with the soda? Are you still drinking one regularly? I also have made a commitment to start going to our Community Center on a regular basis. I would really like to start losing some of this weight that I have put on.

    • My soda addiction is driving me crazy!!! I was down to half a can before I left for Guatemala and it went up quickly there. I have been trying to keep it down to one can a day since coming home! Hoping to get rid of it by next week……we are not buying any, so it is on a daily basis…….I made it to the gym yesterday and am set to go after swim practice for the kids today! You will have to blog about your trials and wins…….I can’t be the only one griping/bragging 🙂

  2. Slow and steady is the best method! Sounds a lot like all the things I am trying to implement. I am struggling most with the dietary part. (Having bowel and digestive disorders since I was a baby, you’d think I’d have a handle on it by now right? *sigh*)

    The active part isn’t so bad. I am fairly active most days. (I live 400m away from a pool and gym that are free for me to use. So I have no excuses really. Not to mention a crossfit obsessed husband who has a garage full of crossfit gear.)

    But man the diet thing is where I am struggling. Good on you for persevering and just making tweaks and changes as needed. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Bekki,
      yes it is rough having digestive disorders! I have them as well and it is frustrating, which is why I think I am working on getting more raw foods in me. I am hopeful that will be the best thing for my poor GI system…..We just need to keep on keeping on…..and we need to hear the stories of how, what, where and when….they give us hope and insight.

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