Homeschool Evaluations for The Ark and Ace

Taking a break from my Guatemala tales to update you on the mundane homeschooling portion of my life for a bit……..Yesterday, I took the boys to meet with the homeschool teacher that we have used since Noah was 5.5 years old. We love her she is very understanding of my children’s special needs and always has great suggestions as to how to improve our homeschooling. She was very supportive of  how I made the Ark start at the very beginning of Algebra 1 after 7 weeks when he was struggling, even though it has put us behind….We will be working hard to get him caught up by next summer… great suggestion she made was to continue with Algebra 2 before going to geometry……which is actually a great idea and I wonder why no one does that in our public school system here? The only stress I have with his math is that Ohio changed the math requirements from 3 credits to 4!!!!  So I will have to be very diligent in making sure this doesn’t happen again. I also need to order Algebra 2, as I ordered MUS Geometry for this year! At least we won’t need to buy math for eleventh grade! I checked and there are only 31 lessons for Algebra 2, so barring any long term illness he should be done with it By the end of the first week of June 2014……giving him the summer off of math and will have him caught up. Now to stay healthy and on track…….

Yet another change we are making is that, she nicely pointed out that Apologia Science is very difficult for the average student and my son is dyslexic and that we really should consider using something a bit easier to learn, knowing that he will have a solid background in chemistry and probably won’t hate learning it quite so much……that is a very good idea, so with that in mind, I have returned our Apologia Chemistry and will order Friendly Chemistry instead…..I really hope that they finish with the dvd soon though as it will make our lives easier in the long run. 

We have been slogging through American History and while The Ark loves history, he has gotten bogged down with the details, so we are going to spend some time watching movies instead, so that he can get an overview without all the stress of memorizing dates……..I like this idea as it gives him tv time and it will be educational as well…….I will have Ace sit in on this as well, so that he can learn with the Ark.

Her suggestions for Ace were minimal, as he is younger and we have more time to get him on track with life/education. We will buy Life of Fred Fractions to have him read or me read to him, so that when he is doing MUS Epsilon he actually gets what he is doing and not just trying to replicate  what he has seen done before. I am hoping this gets him over the hump of hating math and more into the “ok, I can do it even though I don’t like it”. I am hoping that he likes it and that he starts to get the idea of math just a little better. He really likes foreign language studies, so we will continue with Latin and probably add in German for him as that is what he wants to learn…….I am thinking we will use PowerGlide for this and start him in 8th grade if he can finish a second year of Latin this year, although I would prefer to have him do German in 9th grade and do a third year of Latin in 8th….. although since he likes languages, I might just start combining them for him and let him learn as much/many as he wants to…….I would like to see him learn Latin, Spanish, German before he goes off to college…..even if he only does 2 years of each. I think being a translator as a vocation would be so good for him and would love to see him working in this career. 

Ok, that is all I have for the 2 older boys, the younger 2 see her next weds. More then on our homeschool life……..


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Evaluations for The Ark and Ace

  1. Great suggestions from her! We are planning on getting half way through algebra 2 before starting geometry. We love Life of Fred, are you liking Fred too?

    • I have never seen Life of Fred I person but am excited to try it out for my sensory perception disorder child!!! Do you know which one has multiplication in it for my 10year old?

      • The Elementary series covers multiplication, and introduces numerous other math concepts. They recommend you start with Apples and work your way forward no matter what age you are. At 10 your son may not have to do that, if multiplication is his only problem you could just use flash cards to get him up to speed, then go to LOF Fractions. I did start my DS (9 when he started) on Apples because I had it already for my younger son.

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