I have been spending many hours researching point and shoot camera’s for my pending trip to Guatemala…..since the husband is being obnoxious by requesting that I not take my DSLR pentax, which I love!!!!! I have looked at every reasonably priced Canon, Nikon and Sony!!!! All of them have horrid battery life and then there are the other complaints of poor picture quality, poor construction, blah, blah, blah!!!!! All of which has caused me unmeasurable stress and angst…….Why is it so difficult to find a decent camera with 12-16 mp and 12x zoom? That has battery life? And takes good pictures? This is a once in a lifetime trip for me to do what I love and travel out of the country and I can’t find a darn camera that holds battery life and takes decent photos!!!

Then there is the issue of the size of the carryon luggage I can take for free~ only 9x14x22″ and 50#……. seriously, who on earth can pack enough clothes for 10 days into a bag that small? I must be WonderWoman!!!! or have magical powers! Good thing I am planning on wearing dresses/skirts as they can roll up very tight…..I wasn’t planning on taking my blowdryer or anything like that, so personal items will be kept to a minimum. But how to take my bible and my two homeopathy books? And I checked the luggage I bought last year when the Ark went to New Orleans…yeah the one carryon that I need is cracked at the bottom… I have to buy a new one for my trip…..I am not impressed but at least I can get a pretty color maybe! I still need to find shoes and a few tops that can go with my skirts…..oh I love shopping don’t get me wrong but I have so much to do before I leave that shopping seems to be stressful now. Although I did see some really nice things at Penny’s and a skirt at Charlotte Russe. Thinking 5 skirts and 10 tops, with 2 dresses as backup….hoping that my back ups aren’t because I fell into a river or something….and pj’s? I wear female boxers and a wife beater to sleep in….I guess I will have to come up with something else for that 11 days away.

Oh did I forget to mention in my drivel about camera’s that I will need some sort of an adaptor for plugging in and charging said camera? Yes, but which of the two adaptors do I need? I guess, I will be buying both and hopefully returning the one I don’t need if there is one I don’t need… much to do and think about, just when I thought I had worked out a few of my issues here……

I fly into Houston on July 5th at 8:30pm….I couldn’t get an earlier flight and won’t get to see the famous “bat bridge” I’m so disappointed but I will survive since I am going to Guatemala….I hope I get to see that bridge once before I die though….. We leave early on the 6th for Guatemala, spend 10 days there and then hop on a flight on the 16th back in the middle of the night   ok morning…we leave at 6:40am!!! I have no idea what time we will have to be at the airport to leave at that ungodly time……I have a 2.5 hour layover in Houston before I can fly home to my family….I know by that time I will be so happy to see them!

I probably should clarify that I am truly blessed and excited to be going on this trip and don’t mean to say otherwise but the logistics are overwhelming to me at the moment……I love teaching Homeopathy  and have really missed my friend Sherry! This trip gives me some much for so little!!!! I just wish I didn’t have such a type A personality and didn’t get so stressed out by all the little details of living life to it’s fullest…..perhaps this trip is about trusting the Lord to take care of the details…..I easily let him decide if everything would work out for me to go to Guatemala, but can’t seem to let go of all the other things…….I am such a control freak sometimes. 

I can see many more posts as I try to get my head together as well as my stuff into that to tiny carryon!!!!


2 thoughts on “Really?

    • Kristy,
      It truly was an amazing experience! I plan to blog about it soon. The family missed me and we are dealing with another MRSA infection here! Kids are overwhelmed and grouchy, the boys saw the teacher who signs off on our homeschooling yesterday and then next week the little ones go… I have been swamped with tons of things that are more important than writing at the moment.

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