Random Monday


  • Today, I dropped the Ark off  at camp…..the young man loves camp! He was so excited right before we got there, it was like I had taken him into the proverbial candy store…..I was a bit sad after I left, since I won’t see him for 16 days now and then only for 4.5 before he leaves me again to go to Brooklyn, NY
  • I saw the itinerary for his trip today and he is going to have a fabulous time and I am truly excited for him to be going.
  • We are 3 weeks done with swim team and if I blink it will be over…..it ends early this year with Championships being on July 27 and the team fun nite being on the 31st.
  • I get to take the children to the fireworks all by myself for the second year in a row, but this year Renee won’t be with me and that makes me sad.
  • I am wondering when I started enjoying my children so much that their growing up bothers me? Or could it be that they are turning out to be such wonderful young adults that it is hard to let go?
  • On that note, I am very happy that I am going to school, so that I will have something meaningful to step into when they are all gone and off to college or lives of their own.
  • We bought a deep fryer this week…….I only use non-hydrogenated palm oil shortening in it and the fries we cook taste so good, even the sweet potato fries we made.
  • I also bought a veggie spiral slicer but haven’t had time to try it yet, with a cookbook called Practically Raw. I am wanting to try to eat mostly raw foods.
  • Hoping to break my coca-cola addiction this week, I am down to 1 coke a day and trying tomorrow to not have any. Complete weaning by Friday of this week.
  • I am giving the kids the month of July off, so in my spare time this week, I plan to get an idea of where we are and plan that out and then figure out what I want to accomplish the upcoming year. 
  • I found a homeschool co-op but it is $900 a year for the whole family, but I don’t have  the money this year but perhaps I can try to save it for next year. 
  • The Ark told me today, that last year when he went to New Orleans, that he and Micah had to do a devotion and He did the talking and told Micah to look for a specific bible passage and where to look, but what was so cool was that they ended up talking about the same topic in the Superdome and the youth leaders with the group told him he did a great job.
  • The Ark also told me today that he would like to spend a summer being a camp counselor the summer he is in 11th grade. How cool is that? I reminded him that he would have to do devotions every night and that is when he shared the previous point. 
  • I need more time in my day~ can anyone spare an hour and send it to me?

I pray that every one has a blessed week this week.


3 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. Good luck on the Coke thing. I keep considering the same thing but just don’t have the guts right now. I have greatly increased my water intake though.

    Everything else sounds great. Happy summer!

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