Random Monday~ again a day late…….


  • I have no idea why or how Monday gets away from me so darn quickly!!!!
  • I bought the iPhone 5 last week, Best Buy sells it for $150 and I got a $125 trade in for my iPhone 4!!!! I bought a new otterbox to go with it and paid a whole $79.60 for it! Score a great deal and I love it!!!
  • The Princess and The Peanut are doing sports camp this week at a local church……He is playing soccer, she is doing cheerleading
  • My MIL fell at the Subaru dealership getting her free oil change, I’m pretty upset about the whole thing, I made Tommy go spend the night with her just in case! She seems fine today!
  • It never fails that when I want to start a home improvement project that something happens~ We are painting the hallway a darker grey, since the lighter grey I painted it last year was filthy from kids putting their hands all over it. I scrubbed it down but that only got me so far…..it is now a pewter silver or some such color……I love it and think that once the trim is painted and the doors are, it will look fabulous! We finished the second coat today, tomorrow I will gently remove the tape and then start on getting the trim down.
  • I joke that my house is painted 50 Shades of Gray, except for the girls and boys room, and kitchen every room has grey in it. No I have not read that book and will not be reading it, thank you very much.
  • The Ark may be behind in Algebra but he is getting anywhere from 93-100% on his weekly tests and that please me.
  • We are halfway through the Littles history, will finish hopefully next week
  • The Ark may be moving up to Gold Level in swim team this year, it is the hardest and I am very proud of him…..one of the coaches said to him and his friend ” I’m getting you ready for Gold”. I can’t wait to see him move up! It will challenge him.
  • I”m making cod fish coquettes for dinner! my family loves them! with zesty potatoes.
  • I worked out at the gym and at home a lot last week! I did not make it to the gym today since, I have so much craziness going on but will at least do the arm exercises my twitter friends have been doing~ well minus Deb and Tanya because they didn’t want to play with the rest of us.
  • Ok, I guess I’m at the end of my random thoughts for the moment. Have a great day!!!

3 thoughts on “Random Monday~ again a day late…….

    • Deb,
      I would have gotten $130. but I didn’t think to bring the charger with me so they gave me $5. less…….I love my new phone, but then we all know I”m an Apple geek……Good Luck!!! Oh yes, AT & T was offering a mere $100……

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