So much going on but…..

I am working on revising my lessons on Preg. Birth and PostPartum… preparation for the book I want to write one day: The Christian Mother’s Alternative Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and PostPartum. I want Christian women to have access to alternative health regarding their pregnancy but without all the new age stuff that is out there. Now that I have made my decision about going into counseling, I want to specialize eventually in Birth Therapy, and possibly go back to teaching homeopathy again……I also wouldn’t mind teaching in a seminary for counseling techniques either……so many wonderful niches for me when I get done with school!
I picked up my diploma yesterday and I talked to the lady there for a bit and told her just a little about me and she said I really should write a book on my life that it could be so inspirational while giving the masses lots of drama! I may start by writing a little bit at a time but I think it would have to emphasize my faith and how the Lord has worked in my life.
I am also working on figuring out where we are for homeschooling, the littles are almost done with their history, we will be doing science for a bit but that is good. I’m happy with where they are with their reading for the moment as they have improved lots this year. Ace is still struggling in math but is not avoiding it like the plague anymore and is at least trying to master it. After a rocky start where I made the Ark restart his algebra he seems to be doing well and is catching up with history and biology. We are schooling through June, taking July off and then starting back August 5th! I am so hoping for less interruptions this school year! With no major illnesses as well.
Swim team and lessons start on Monday!!! So excited to start that summer program! I love swim team, the coaches are fabulous as are the kids……I still need to go buy the boys racing bottoms, probably tomorrow. Now if it would just stop raining and warm up so my kids don’t freeze to death next week.
The husband is working the next 3 weekends at the church, which is nice for a few extra $ but hard on him to not have any down time. More so since we have house projects in the works and so very little time to work on them!!! I find this so frustrating!
The Ark wants to go to the gym every day starting Monday!!! It might kill me but I have been wanting to go as well, the issue is before swim or after swim and how to have him do some schoolwork in the midst of all these activities.
I need to get some sense of a schedule for summer but that doesn’t seem to be working out well yet! I have so much I want to do and get done but know I won’t be able to and then I am not wanting to do anything at all…..such a dilemma!
Now I have been distracted by the husband and kids and have no idea what I was talking about! Will end this and get something done instead of complaining about it.


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