A quick trip to GA and back

Because I am an awesome mom, I drove some of my daughter Ivette’s stuff to Lagrange, GA not this past weekend but the weekend before! Kendra came with me and I am so happy she did, I needed her help with moving stuff out and we had a great time together. It was rough emotionally to leave Ohio with her stuff in my van, though. It suddenly became very real that my daughter was moving 750 miles away from me. I can’t even tell you how many tears I’ve shed over the last few weeks about this. Ivette and I did everything together: grocery shopped, hit the gym, the mall, cooked together, went to movies, talk and texted multiple times a day. 

After crying through the prayer for safe travels, we got on the road……the trip was fine through Ohio, it got a bit tricky in Cinncinati, though when we drove over a bridge and I could see how far down it was……

Yeah, that is a long way down and that barrier is not high enough IMO……plus Kendra was telling me look over there mom! Real Quick! NO!!!!! I’m freaking out here and would like to not crash my van over the side please!!!!!

We saw this wall with it’s engravings somewhere in Ohio…..

Just before we got to Cinncinati, Oh. we saw this kooky car!

Hello Kentucky!!!!! it was not sunny there! On the way down, Kentucky seemed the longest but on the way home it was Tenn.

Please do not ask me what state Florence is in as I do not remember! But the water tower was cool!

Nothing like driving through a hill/mountain and seeing the actual rock! I gave Kendra a quick geology lesson about the different kinds of rock that we saw on the way down. 

The mountains of Tenn. are so beautiful!!!! I loved the fog and cloud cover! 

See this huge Cross? We saw 2 of them and then shortly afterwards saw signs for adult bookstores, liquor and weapons…….the irony of it made me chuckle……

Kendra got so excited when she saw this sign!!! She loves tunnels and was so disappointed when she didn’t get to go through it!!!! She did nothing but complain about how the sign was a lie……I’m sure the tunnel was off the exit but we didn’t get off at that exit!

We finally made to Ivette’s after passing the apartment complex and going to the wrong one! It was dark by that time!!!! The locks were a bit tricky to use and the new keys that Ivette had made did not work at all. We turned on every light in the apartment! Checked it out and then went to unload the van! Tommy and Ivette’s friend~ Rovelle, should have burst into flames from us cursing them for the lousy way they shoved everything into the back of the van. We were covered in sweat, laughing and complaining all the while trying to unpack stuff. When we got to the mattress some young African-American man offered to help us. Kendra practically fell at his feet saying “Yes, please! Help us.” I was a bit more reserved and asked him if he was an ax murderer? He replied “no, Ma’am!” I was happy to hear that, he helped us get it to the door and then we took it in…….we dropped it in the living room and Kendra said we’re sleeping in here, I’m not moving it to the bedroom! So the living room was our makeshift bedroom! We got everything into the apartment and then decided to find a walmart and food. We locked up and were on our way to the van when we saw some of the neighbors, all young between 18-20 years old shooting each other with silly string!!!! We had to use the gps to find a walmart! and went exploring! Found it and the other Zaxby’s! got food and went back to the apartment! We called Ivette and she was asking me if I liked the place? I could tell how important my approval was to her, which made me sad all over again! The place is small but she has 3 bedrooms, a laundry room and a balcony! It is only 5 minutes away from her job and about 3 miles from food and walmart! She has glass mirrors on her closet doors!


The next morning before we left to get on the road! We had to play with the camera and those mirrors!


This is not a good picture of me but we had fun with it!!!! We had to squeeze together or we would be split funny!


you can’t see it well, but GA humidity really waved up my hair and it was curly when I first took it down! I can’t imagine what my hair will look like when I move!


More Kendra fooling around!


See what I mean? Those mirrors are so much fun!!!

We got on the road by 9am and breezed through GA with just a bit of rain, but once we got to Tenn…… the rain became torrential and I told Kendra that driving through the Tenn. mountains in torrential rain is on my bucket list~ said no one ever!!!!!!  Ohio drivers are so used to bad weather conditions we seldom every stop for it and while we do slow down, we don’t stop dead on a highway because of rain! I do not mean to be offensive but it drove me crazy! By this time I just wanted to meet Ivette somewhere (she was driving down while we were driving home) and we were stopped on the highway! We missed her in the Kentucky mountains! She blew past us before we could figure out where we both were and I was so angry and sad!!!!

We made it home fine and the week went by very quickly, Ivette came home for the long weekend and to get the baby! That was even harder for us! I still have the other girls here and Savannah is spending the summer with us until I drive her down to GA the first week of August. I am hoping that it won’t be so hard by then, this whole crying thing really sucks! 

Kendra loved this building, so here it is!!!

This tree is in the middle of someone’s farm in Ohio! Yeah, I’m certainly going to have a picnic under a tree in the middle of my farm this summer!!!! It looks so funny all by itself! I don’t even think it could be a wind break that way!


Passing through Cinncinati on our way to Columbus!

So that was our trip, other highlights were the looks on our faces with the southern accents, that were so foreign to us (I was surprised that impacted me, after all I did live in the south for almost 18 months!) We talked about having a ghetto gps, one that uses colorful lang. when you go the wrong way~ that had us laughing, as we thought up sayings for it. The ride home was much more subdued as it really hit home that our family would be separated for the next three years and there is no guarantee that Kendra will be moving with us to GA then…….I had just gotten used to Jasmine living so far away and now it is worse…..


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