My life as usual is incredibly busy and changing. Two weeks from tomorrow (Saturday), I will graduate with my Bachelors! I am so excited, Four of my daughters will be there as will Tommy and my close friend Diane. I pick up the tickets May 01 and can’t wait!!!

I got an email today that I may be able to have an Associate’s degree retroactively from the community college I went to. I will drop off that form and see what happens, but I think it would be cool to get it. 

I also found out that if I pass the test and get licensed as a counselor here in Ohio, that I will be able to just fill out the form for Georgia and then have Ohio send down my licensure stuff and I will be legal to practice there!!! 

I know that you have no idea what I’m talking about but you see, my daughter Renee is moving to GA in May and after I am done with school, I am so moving to a warmer state!!! I lived in GA when my oldest Michelle was a baby! I love GA!!! It will put us much closer to Jasmine in Sarasota and it is not so far that I couldn’t come back for a visit although that would only be in the summer! not traveling up here in the winter!!!

Tommy has even agreed that he would be happy to move there!!! That is a first, as he has not wanted to move to any other place I’ve suggested before. 

I have seen my advisor at John Carroll and filled out an academic plan for my time there. He has already gotten me registered for the fall semester! Orientation is Sept. 03, the first night of classes! So I have almost 4 months to get myself together before then! I have quite a few things to get done this summer but that is good!

I am thanking God tonight for my many blessings! I should go do something productive though with my time……


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