Just for Nicole, a writing memory!

Hello you have reached Rose’s Insane Asylum.

We give succor to all who are suffering with life issues. Our forte is children but all are welcome.

 We will provide you with sleeping arrangements and access to a tv, vcr and possible nintendo.

 We provide three meals a day and more snacks then even we can count along with drinks. Please don’t spill the drinks the Administrator (aka Rose) cannot abide dirty, sticky floors. Perhaps she might put you to work cleaning them.

You must be able to eat whatever we put if front of you and not complain. As this is not a restuarant and we don’t cater to people’s desires only needs.

 You will be read to at night and allowed to sleep in safety.

 We do not administer drugs with the notable exception of homeopathic remedies.

 If the weather is nice and the administrator is feeling benevolent you may play outside until dark. As long as you stay away from the hill and try not to fall over the edge as any major injuries are frowned upon.

 I hope you enjoy your stay here. I’m sure that if you follow the rules and do not engage in fighting , name calling or any other unsavory activity you will be happy here.

The Administrator


Note~ I wrote this when I was pregnant with the Princess~ 11 years ago this summer and the house we lived in Cleveland, overlooked the Zoo with a deep hill and we had no fence, so I was always afraid to let the younger ones outside.


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