Trying to decide on curriculum for next year

 Math~ Ok, so since I am slightly hugely panicked about MUS switching to the common core, I went to their website today and ordered $300 worth of textbooks for the kids to get the younger ones through 7th grade! Although I did forget to order 3 Zeta’s, so will have to order yet one more in the next week or so. I have ordered the Ark’s geometry for next year as well. I think I will start trying to order replacement texts whenever possible and stock up on them before they start changing the higher math to align it with the Common Core. On the brighter side, at least the littles will not need math texts for a few years. 

Grammar~I have already bought Ace the growing with grammar text as we had the TM from the Ark, and it is a great review of grammar for that age. The Ark will be moving on to Rod n Staff’s grammar this fall and we will use it for next fall as well then for his senior year, I am going to use the college english text that I have and once he turns 18 in October of that year, I will have him start taking college classes at the community college, at least for that last semester of high school. The Princess is going to write this year, while the Peanut does something writing or grammar related.

Latin~ The Peanut will stick with Song School Latin finishing up 1 and then moving into the new 2 level, The Princess is moving to LFC-A, Ace will be continue on until he gets through LFC-C and that will be awhile at his rate. I am currently researching Latin programs for the Ark, my Latin professor has been really helpful with that and I have a copy of Latin for the New Millennium to review and I like it! It is so much better than Ecce Romani! so I will probably sell our off at Amazon asap. 

History~We are going to use Notgrass Exploring government for the Ark this fall, he is not ready to delve back into world history yet, since we have spent so much time there previously. I think that Ace is going to use The World Today, it is not Christian but it seems as if it is not overly biased and delves to issues behind the scenes well. I think the littles will do Galloping the Globe this year, I have it and it is easy and then next year we will all be back to Ancient History! I prefer to keep us all on the same subject as much as possible.

Science~ The Ark will move to Chemistry and I finally just caved and am buying Apologia and will struggle through it with him as I can’t find anything I like and would rather just push on, as long as I buy the audio cd, he seems to do ok with it! Ace is going to move to General Science and the littles are doing Astronomy since I have that and it is easy.

Readers~ The Ark will read: Three Cups of Tea: One School At A Time, The Best Short Stories of O’Henry, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of a Secular State, Tools of Dominion: The Case Laws of Exodus, Walden and Civil Disobedience. I have no idea what the rest will read but its not like we lack for books.

Ok, I feel much better having a plan now and I did not spend as much as I did last year and I like this years plan much better.


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