Blogging? Really?

I truly love blogging except when I’m in school~ all of my creativity goes right out the proverbial window and I become as dry as 3,000 year old bones just having been excavated. School is fine, bordering a low A in my classes but not worried yet as I still have weeks to go. The internship at Oriana House is going well, I work 3 days a week for 5 hours a day. I will be done the first week of May with my 150 hours. I start my 3rd class on March 11, 2013 it is an online class but that is going to make my life crazy for a bit. I paid off our new washer which we had bought as a pay in 12 months/no interest, as well as any major large credit card bills. I don’t feel any better for being mostly debt free though and that is not good. Usually I feel such a relief but not this year, have no idea why though. Perhaps, it is because I am still sick, I had the beginnings of pneumonia and a bad sinus infection, but it just won’t entirely go away enough for me to feel great! I was up coughing to the point of choking again last night for about 30 minutes or so. I very much hate that feeling!  I finished one grad school application and submitted it… now I work on the other 3 and wait to see what happens…….I’m so nervous because the one I submitted in one of my top pick schools.

changing themes here for a minute~ I have started looking at what the kids will be doing next year in school. I want to buy the books while I have the cash and not have to charge them in the fall or whenever we get to them. I made The Ark restart Algebra 1 from the beginning as he just didn’t seem to be understanding it the way I would like. So that has put him very behind and he has been sick a great deal this winter off and on as well. I think we have just passed the illness back and forth between all of us with the notable exception of my husband~ who has a fantastic immune system and as The Ark put it recently, “the only thing you want from that side of the family is their immune system”, I agree.  So I have bought The Ark RodNStaff’s English, I bought the 9th grade version since I know it is very difficult and he has never used it before, then he will do the 10th grade book for his 11th grade and in 12th grade we will work on writing Research papers and I might use my college English book with him that year as well. Ace is going to use Growing With Grammar for 7th grade, as we only needed the workbook and I have ordered it already. I think we are going to continue with MUS even though they have changed it to more align with the Common Core, from what I read on the website the changes aren’t in the daily work so much but in the additional practice pages and that really is a non-issue for me, if I don’t like them we won’t do them, end of conflict. The Ark wanted to postpone World History until 11th grade as we have covered it ad nauseum, so instead we will use Notgrass’ Exploring Government. I found a cheap music appreciation/history program for one of his electives…..this whole highschool homeschooling thing is rough sometimes. I cannot find something easy for him to do to learn how to use Microsoft office 2011 for Mac……I might just have him watch the videos that microsoft has and call it good! The MUS website is down so I cannot price out what we need for next year!!!! I still need to decide on a Chemistry text and that is much more difficult than I want it to be. Friendly Chemistry looks more interesting but I worry that it is too easy, apologia is getting a bit too hard for my dyslexic teen, so we are totally stressed by this. I wish making decisions about curriculum was easier than it is. I am going to end this crazy post now, as it really isn’t about blogging but the thoughts that are swirling unchecked in my brain as I try to be the perfect mom and homeschooler.



One thought on “Blogging? Really?

  1. Don’t worry about perfection. You are doing a great job balancing all that you have to do Rose. It sounds like there is a lot swirling in your head!

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