February Pinterest Nailed It or Failed It……

Nailed it or Failed it

So after a long break for the holidays and the realness of life we are back with this month’s challenge. We are also a bit unorganized as some of us have been lacking motivation to do anything much less a Pinterest project! So this month, I decided to write about my experience with better eating……again! I ordered from Nutiva when they were having a crazy Tuesday sale and got this: a gallon of coconut oil, 8oz of hempseed and 1# of coconut flour for $52.99 and free shipping!!! With my order lovingly came recipes, so I’ve been trying them out on occasion when I have the time.

So her you see sliced avocados with hempseed liberally poured on them, garnished with sea salt! It was very good and then I had to try to make tabbouleh with hemp instead of quinoa!

I did make a couple of changes to the above recipe: no lemon juice and since i did not have Hempseed oil, I substituted olive oil, same thing with the Himalayan Salt~ I used sea salt very sparingly I might add.

Getting ready to work and I have come to realize that I need a Sous Chef for the prep work 😉

The finished product and it was very tasty!!! Of course no one in my house will eat it but me but that is ok!

I would love to write and post more pictures of things I have been making but I am finding out why I haven’t been blogging more: it is tedious and time consuming for me to upload photos to photobucket and then add them to a post here. I truly do not have the patience to work on this right now….probably because I am currently trying to survive my last semester as an undergrad and should be working on grad school essays! I only have 4 of them to write but still!!!!


Go check out the rest of us who are not feeling much like blogging, but have put on our big girl clothes and did it anyway!!!


7 thoughts on “February Pinterest Nailed It or Failed It……

    • I hadn’t either until I wanted the gallon of coconut oil! I really do like them now and anything i can find something to eat that is simple and easy on my GI system, I am happy !

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