A trip to Earth Fare~

I didn’t feel like driving to the Mustard Seed yesterday, so the husband and I decided to go try out Earth Fare instead. Although the drive was shorter, it is not that great of a drive since it is all city driving. One thing I do like about Earth Fare is that you can earn points for shopping there, and they gave me a ton of points for signing up at the website which translated into $10 off my order. The produce was great and most of it was cheaper or comparable to the local grocery store, but it was organic produce!!! I love the taste of organic produce and buy it whenever I can afford to. They had a bulk food section, which means I can buy almonds there in bulk for a decent price. The Princess almond milk was on sale there! I do have a coupon for a free whole chicken, when they are in stock again!!! I did suck it up and buy some pepperoni without nitrates and it tastes pretty good! I really want to cut back on our nitrates, we love lunchmeat here! I did not buy any packaged food, as I am trying to cut back on it. Like Tressays saw at Whole Foods, they have tons of convenience foods to buy there. I do love that they have a sandwich shop and fresh bakery. I did buy the kids spelt english muffins for muffin pizzas for lunch. They have an excellent supply of vitamins and probiotics. I bought some probiotic something that is a concentrated liquid probiotic, I am going to take one tomorrow morning, since I forgot this morning. I am thinking it would be better to take on an empty stomach. All in all, I thought it was a good place to shop for the food that I eat and to get us eating a bit healthier. I am bummed though, I didn’t see a spaghetti squash and would have liked to buy an organic one. I’ll let you know how the probiotics are after I finish the pack of 4.


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