Today is the Princess Birthday!!!

So it was a brittle below zero night when I went into labor with my Princess, we had just had midweek visitation with my older kids and taken the Christmas tree down, although that made me sad because I had hoped to leave it up until she was born, and no I had not had an ultrasound but yes, I did know that she was a girl, I have always been blessed by the Lord to know the gender of my children before they were born. I had just gone to bed and had the first contraction, thought for sure I go get a nap and then have the baby, but no she had other plans! I was in labor a mere 2.5 hours with 1.5 of them pushing and she was born, all pink and girly beautiful.


WE had to go to Penny’s to pay the bill when she was three weeks old and the photographer there knew us, saw the husband and wanted to see the baby, so in we went and she just had to take pictures of her and I just had to buy them but they are so very sweet and she was still all pink and beautiful! She is so funny and has way too much grown up whit and is far to intelligent for her own good, she has no trouble connecting thoughts even ones that are not spoken……. Her favorite things right now are: American Girl Dolls~ she has 3: Mia, and the Bitty Twins, Calico Critters and Lego Friends. We are planning a trip to the New American Girl store in Columbus when it opens and I will be buying her the Girl of the Year: Saige because Saige is an Artist and we all know how much the Princess loves art and is her own artist. Here she is with the twins, Robin and Nicole in their new outfits that she got from her Godmother for Christmas, Mia also got a new outfit: pj’s and the Princess got that for her Birthday. Christmas was late with the Godmother’s this year, yesterday we celebrated with one, still have one to see. But it is all good. I am so glad that I hadn’t bought those outfits though! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Facts: She has severe scoliosis and is only 3’11.5″, weighs ~ 53# dressed in clothes and boots, she loves swimming, the color pink, roses and often pretends to be me!!! I am often laughing at her craziness and that is one of the best things about her: she makes me laugh!!!!!  I dread the day she wants to go off to college!!! That may not be happening if I have my say!!! maybe she can just go to a commuter school?


3 thoughts on “Today is the Princess Birthday!!!

    • I would love to but I really can’t tell you how I knew!!! At 16 when pregnant with Michelle my first my gram and I were arguing about boy names and I told her, don’t worry, it is a girl so her name will be Michelle Marie! She said I didn’t know that but I did and have everytime, when pregnant with Ace, I wanted a girl so bad and told everyone that, but knew it was a boy and he was as well. Pregnant with Jasmine, I had 2 girls, then 3 boys and everyone said it was another boy and I told them it was a girl! She was……There is nothing scientific for me, just me praying and the Lord telling. I have never been wrong, people still ask me often if I know what they are having, sometimes I do and I am right but many times, I tell them sorry, no vibes!!! I have known when my friends were pregnant before they told me, I was a great doula and would have been a great midwife but, that is not my calling sadly and I do miss it dearly.

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