DPP~ Day 16

So today started with me waking up with insomnia at 3:30am, just wonderful!!! I had a final exam that fortunately for me was online, but had to be taken between 8-12 and was timed at 90 minutes. I got up helped the husband get the princess showered and hair brushed. Started motivating the 3 boys only to find out that they were all sick, Ace and The Ark were up vomiting, The Peanut woke up with croup. So I sent them all back to bed, the Husband and Princess to church while I settled at my computer for my final. I was done in 43 minutes and found out immediately that I aced the multiple choice questions. Which left me with only needing 11 points or so to retain my A!!!

I got ready and the Husband, Princess and my granddaughter Vannah went to the Mustard Seed where I buy my organic food. The girls had fun shopping there and we brought home a decent amount of produce along with gluten free flour, the best almond butter I have every tried, chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter with honey in it. Oh you want a picture?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Afterwards, we went to Summit Mall to check it out, I hadn’t been there in years and needed to stop by Hollister’s for a pair of sweatpants for the Ark for Christmas as they were on sale for $18 which is a steal…. We let the girls play at the playground

photo-24        photo-23Here they are having fun!!!

We left and the girls were hungry and so thirsty that the Princess started a revolt by chanting “No water, No daughter!!!!’ Vannah quickly picked it up with “No water, No Granddaughter!!!!” So the husband and I listened to that for the 35+ minute drive home! Crazy girls.

I promptly made a salad and curled up with my Nook tablet until the Husband came up to go to bed since he has to be at work at 10pm tonight. It was a great day and and I did check and had gotten all of the essay questions right so my score is 100/100 and that pleases me. Now to wait for the dreaded biopsych grade….praying that one is a B!!!!



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