Combined Post: Pinterest Nailed It or Failed It & DPP Day 14!!!!

Because I still have one more final and it is only 11 days before Christmas, this post is a combination of two of my fun blog writing promises. Nailed it or Failed it

Because I knew that my life was absolutely crazy lately since the Univ. of Akron changed their academic calendar this year and we get out one week later than our normal, I had to pick something easy and I wanted it to be about the Christmas. I haunted Pinterest until I found something that would fit my needs/desires.


I just know that you will be gracious and ignore the dirty front of my house because you know it is freezing up here in Ohio, my husband works 2 jobs and I homeschool and am a fulltime student commuting 50 minutes one way. I love the traditional red, white and green for lights and it is a nice contrast to the new blue lights that so many are hanging up.


This project was so easy for my not mechanically inclined husband to do and took so little time. In fact he wanted to put lights at the top of the house but I vetoed that idea for this year. He is not good with heights and that means getting one of my sons to do it for us and I have no idea how we would plug them in up there because we do not have an outdoor outlet as of yet, another future project for us. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He did reinforce in a few places with white duct tape but for the most part our lights are hung by clothes pins!!!! Now if the icicle lights would just relax a bit more, so they would hand straight down. We have lived here for almost 5 years and this is the first year we have hung lights that actually look nice!!! Gotta love Pinterest for ideas!!!

Every year we pick a color scheme for our family to match clothes in! ( A friend from UA said to me “of course you do Rose). So in keeping with our color scheme I did the following project as well! I think we need more ornaments with different lengths on the same arms but I really don’t have time to fuss with it right now. It does look pretty and the kids are enjoying the decorating we have done this year.  (Yes, that is more art work from the Princess, Her work is hung all over the dining room).


I would say we Nailed It nicely, don’t you agree?


Go check out the other ladies, I’m sure they have some wonderful things for you to read about and know whether or not you want to try them or not.


6 thoughts on “Combined Post: Pinterest Nailed It or Failed It & DPP Day 14!!!!

  1. Using clothespins will make the removal of Christmas lights a lot easier! I like your color scheme. 🙂 When are you going to post your family Christmas photo? Or did I miss it. Going to check.

    • Thank you!!! No, I haven’t done the family photo yet for the color scheme, probably won’t until Christmas since this year even Renee and her girls are doing the color scheme of the year!!!!! It is going to be so cool!!!

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