December Photo Project~ Day 9

So for my new readers, I will tell you about my Princess. She is almost 10 yrs old, a carbon copy of me, before I dyed my hair darker than hers we looked incredibly alike. She is an artist and very type A. Just like her momma. Here she is in all her sillyness, I must have snapped 4 photos that day because she wanted to pose 😉  The panda you see to the right of her is hers as well, She did that This year on her 9th birthday!


However this post is really about her art! She is gaining lots of skill for such a tiny little thing, (she is only 47 1/2 inches tall and 52#) People are always amazed at her paintings and I usually get “How old is she?” Here is her current painting, and it was drawn free hand!!! I’m so proud of her artwork! I look forward to seeing how far it develops as she grows…..




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